Friday, December 18, 2009


My dad, their "Paps" left this morning!! We had a great time with him and Shirley!! I got up early and went grocery shopping but I did not get it all done. I'll have to go back tomorrow and finish up.

Remember our summer sport is volley-ball, well it looks like our winter sport is turning out to be ice skating. But the problem is this one costs!!!! We need our own rink or a shallow frozen pond big enough to hold us all!!!! Thats why I had to get back home, so I could help get dinner and then we are off to Stillwater, us and a few other folks.

We are having a Christmas Party Monday evening, so I am trying to make preparations for that. Its going to be great having all the space to host it. I have a few games in mind but does anyone have any group games that are really fun??????

Bethany made the music CD button on the side and it will get you to pay pal to order. Oh, and she got new glasses today!!!! She looks so.... 2o ish!!! I'm next to get some but we'll have to wait until January.

I am wading through the memories, His grace is good but I miss my little Joel!! Its hard to imagine this time in 06' that only had 36 days left with him. I think any mother will always "count and remember days."

Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

I recieved my Joel's Journey DVD today.
Thank you for sending it. You guys went through a lot; I can only imagine how you miss little Joel!

Have fun ice skating!!

Sarah G.

Sharon said...

Have you tried team pictionary with a large group? Split the group in two teams; put lots of words on slips of paper from Luke chapter 2; draw the words out of a bowl or jar when it is a team members turn to draw. Use a white board of large chalk board to draw so that everyone can see the progress. We tried this with a group of 60 international students at a Christmas dinner. It is a whole lot of fun!

Teena said...

Praying for you!

Can't wait to see pics!

Pray for me I fell last night and I am really sore!