Friday, October 3, 2008

To all the Mommys.......

I wanted to get here earlier but this is why I could not...... after my morning rising and reading the word, coffee and proceeding to get the day started, I helped get last minute things together for the first crew headed to Tulsa, gave some instruction to the children, took Rancho to the vet for a shot, stopped at the thrift shop, got a few things at the store, picked up feed at the feed place, got gas, picked up Rancho at the vet, arrived home, helped Anna fix lunch, clean lunch, my dad arrives, fixed our Sunday church meal, started making dinner preparations,( goat burritoes for my dad to try) folded some laundry, played with Mercy outside, took Bethany's buck to the vet to get health papers for Tulsa, cooked supper, made bread and hamburger buns for tomorrow, Terry arrived to pick up the goat, ate dinner, cleaned up dinner, went on my daily one mile fast walk and here I am!!!! And my dear Anna had a day too, she made a dessert for church, dessert for dinner tonight, and breakfast for in the morning. By the way, we do try to use sucanat and our ground wheat flour, I try to justify it don't I? Busy huh? Like Terry said as he drove off to go back to Tulsa, he said when they were all little we just stayed at home all together.....

For me this blog is a place I share my heart, I want to be transparent, honest, allowing you to see that I am of like passions as you, I get weary, I get physically tired, I cry, I hurt, I get frustrated and grieved with "things around here," plus I am sharing my grieving journey, the rollercoster ride, the victories, the defeats from the enemy, I enjoy sharing about our family and all that takes place around here. I want to be a light for Christ through this avenue. Through Joel's Journey I met a wonderful missionary family, they are expecting their 12th blessing and having morning sickness and they are younger than us. The mommy and I keep in touch via e-mail, I have asked her several times for specific prayer, I want to be an encouragement to her, she has encouraged me so much as well. She recently made a statement on her blog that some days she is tired, she has many little ones to teach, train, love, play with, talk to, listen to and some times the days are long. She was not complaining, she loves her job and would not change a thing, she was sharing her heart. She received a comment that was not very encouraging and with little sympathy and that she could not be effective if she were so run down, pregnant, and that they chose not to use birth control and her body is being abused. Now I want to take this opportunity to exhort you younger mothers with few or many little ones.....true it is work no doubt, but the rewards are exceedingly abundant. I remember the days of our first twins, did I even sleep?? Terry and I looked like zombies half the time, it was constant, but it was sooo fun too! Now when we had 6 children 7 and under it was very busy, I got tired quickly, I was the sole one taking care of them in the day time until Terry came home, all the daily stuff that had to be done, who wouldn't grow weary. By the time Jeremiah #9 arrived on the scene, ahhhhh....helpers everywhere.... now its getting better, I can actually have a moment to sit down.....and then Hosanna #10, the older ones can run the home.....Joel and Josiah, (11 and 12) arrive.....I can just take care of babies, they can do all the house stuff....and sweet Mercy #13, I am now in the reaping phase. Motherhood is so wonderful but it is work, long work, hard work, joyful work and I would not change one thing. I gave the illustration to my friend that bearing and nurturing children is as a garden. You must till, plant, water, pull weeds, hoe around the plants, more water, prune, you sweat, your back hurts form bending over, it is very hard work.
Terry has done all these things in his garden. Some of you are in the sowing/laboring phase and some are as I in the reaping/resting phase. Soon you will be reaping, do not grow weary, your reward is on the horizon. Your little ones will become bigger, you will have trained them, they will bear fruit from all you labors, your energy, your time and it will be profitable. Have fun with them, teach them along the way, you do not have to sit at "school tables" to learn, they will learn life with mom and dad along the way, in the kitchen, in the pasture, around the campfire. You will be tired, you will be bombarded with thoughts from the enemy but know, as you do it to the least of these you do it unto Christ, you are serving Him and you are being effective, your raising an army to go into the world to shine as lights and stars for the kingdom of Christ!! Keep up the "good works."
And if you get tired......take a nap!!! :)

We are enjoying the visit with my dad. Mercy is on her "paps" like glue!!! Terry said this goat show is going to be very tough, sooooo many goats there, biggest show yet. We'll just pray for favor and trust the rest with the Lord, He's in charge of goat shows too :) !!!!!!

Have a great weekend and Lord's day.....



Emma and Mommy said...

I love your comparing it to a garden, very good way to get your point across. I agree 100% on all you said about motherhood. I too read that blog you are talking about and I think she is a wonderful mother. She and you both are inspirations to me. I envy you both not because you have all the children you do, but I envy you on how you raise them. 1 or 12 its all the same when it comes to raising them to be good caring Christian people and it looks like both you and her are doing that! Kudos to you both.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you God! Exactly what I needed to hear today~ I am a mommy of "few" but KNOW what you are describing~ I am so tired and I find myself believing the lies the enemy is telling me at times! When my feet hit the floor some mornings I wonder how I will make it through the day! Thank you for your encouragement! I needed this reminder today!

Lockwoods said...

Wonderful post! I'm so blessed to have you as a mentor and friend.
love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

"I am cooking goat chops for our meal this evening and other sides to go with it....anxious to see how those taste"

So how were they? As good as pork chops?

Tonya said...

Hi there, Cindy! It's SO NICE to "meet you."

I was blown away by all that we have in common. (Obviously, I wish we didn't have losing a child as one of those)

We also home-school AND do home church. (We're coming out of a Southern Baptist background, and are LOVING the freedom we find in home church)

When we lost Brent it was just too hard to go back to church so we started meeting with friends in their home. As we studied the Word (on our own and for ourselves) we came to realize that what we were doing wasn't wrong - in fact, for us, it was BETTER All of that to say that the LORD has shown us a LOT over the past few years about HIMSELF. It's truly been a blessing.

Now, about your friend... It's hard to see why some feel it's okay to judge the size of someone else's family. I think it's GREAT to have a large family and WISH with all my heart that we'd have had more children. (My husband & I decided for me to get my tubes tied after our 3rd son) After we lost Brent, I've wished MANY times that we'd have had more.

Okay, I can be quite the rambler. I won't keep you. Again, it was SO NICE to meet you!

Wait, one more thing.. what part of Oklahoma are you guys from? My husband "coon hunts" and has gone that way a time or two. I suppose I was just thinking that if he (we) ever go that direction again, it'd be nice for our families to meet. (We live in North/Central Mississippi and would LOVE to meet you should you come our way as well)

Okay, I'll REALLY go now. I hope you have a GREAT week!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the reminder! My 2 - almost 3 - under 3 1/2 can be exhausting most days and I keep telling myself that!

Adina, mom to Elijah and Merry said...

Thank you Cindy! This was so timely for me as I finish the home stretch of being a single mommy before Jeremy returns (yes, it has been almost 8 months, and I am feeling the effects of being at the end of a pregnancy too!) I will only have 3 age 3 and under. . .if you can do 6, 7 and under, I can't compare!!!

Thank you for your words of encouragement!