Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Following Him Because???

It's here....October.....this is where it all started for Joel's Journey in 06.....but we did not know what was ahead....we were just going about our normal everyday lives, a fever in a little boy for a few days, then he would go 100% and seemed all was perfect......but the fevers invariably kept coming, he grew more tired, his legs started hurting, more Dr. visits, more blood draws, tests and more tests and then the news that would be any parents nightmare....."your child has cancer, its at the worst stage." How can a cancer take over so quickly when in Sept. and prior, his little life was one of frolic and play and we were a family just like you. Always questions, but He says "my grace is sufficient," always wonderings, but He says "Do not fear," now always a sorrow, but He says "Be still and know that I am God." And a great multitude followed him, because they saw his miracles which he did on them that were diseased. (John 6:2) Thats a good question for all, we follow him because______, he healed my child, he has answered my prayers, he has blessed financially, he has done great signs and wonders.......but will we follow when he does not heal my child? when he does not answer my prayer? when he allows us to barely make ends meet? when I do not see "miracles?" I was following Him before all this happened with Joel, but if I were to paint a picture of it, I was walking tall and straight. I am still following Him, by His grace and the picture in mind would be as the woman reaching out in a desperate way to touch the hem of his garment, a begger desperate for his presence and power, shouting out, "Son of David, have mercy upon me." One saying, but Master, even the dogs eat of the crumbs." May we learn to follow him because we simply are in love with Him.

Today is our cleaning day and I think everyone has done their jobs. This months character quality is creativity and Anna wins the prize, (if I had one) for creativity.....did you see that picture? She has a major power wash going on in that tub!!!! Way to go Anna!!!! I 'll have to admit I am glad they did not get a picture of me when I saw what was taking place :0

The guys are soooo very busy which is great and answer to prayers! We are getting ready for my folks to come on Friday and the Tulsa Fair. A few have some coughs and congestion, hoping its minimal. I am cooking goat chops for our meal this evening and other sides to go with it....anxious to see how those taste!! I went grocery shopping yesterday, so thats out of the way before the company. I found Bethany a western purse at a re-sale store which I was so excited about, the new ones at the western stores are all $100 or more. It is brand new because there were still some tissue paper on the metal parts of it and it was around $18. I found Mercy two cute jackets, one to play in and another for church, an Old Navy bulky zip sweater with a hood, a cream color, so sweet at a children's re-sale store! I enjoy getting out on grocery day and I am grateful Bethany and Anna are more than capable of running the home....thanks ladies!!!

Following Him.....are you??



-stephanie- said...

following Him because I can imagine how horrible life would be without Him.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the post Mrs. Morris. October is a very hard month for us as well. So many memories and especially tomorrow, it's my Mom's birthday. :( Anyway....I'm praying for you all.

I miss those cleaning days! Looks fun! :) Great job Anna!

Can't wait to see your purse Besh and oh, Mercy is just looking SO cute! :)

Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

One of Spurgeon's writings

And Joseph said unto his brethren, I die: and God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land unto the land which he swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. (Genesis 50:24)
Joseph had been an incarnate providence to his brethren. All our Josephs die, and a thousand comforts die with them. Egypt was never the same to Israel after Joseph was dead, nor can the world again be to some of us what it was when our beloved ones were alive.

But see how the pain of that sad death was alleviated! They had a promise that the living God would visit them. A visit from Jehovah! What a favor! What a consolation! What a heaven below! O Lord, visit us this day; though indeed we are not worthy that Thou shouldest come under our roof.

But more was promised: the Lord would bring them out. They would find in Egypt a cold welcome when Joseph was dead; nay, it would become to them a house of bondage. But it was not to be so forever; they would come out of it by a divine deliverance and march to the land of promise. We shall not weep here forever. We shall be called home to the gloryland to join our dear ones. Wherefore, "comfort one another with these words."

Soli Deo Gloria!

Mountain Mama said...

Absolutely! following Him!! What a peace we have when we follow our Savior.

I am sad with you, over the loss of your precious son. Thanks for sharing his story and your heart.

Your "arrows" are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I loved your comment on Jaynee's blog. You have been one of these faithful mothers; I wich I could say that more for myself, but there have been many stumblingblocks I often tripped over. Hopefully with this last "batch" we are still raising(I am in the resting/reaping phase too,the youngest is 4, :*( -and God has graciously kept our sons hearts in Himself) I can feel 'better' about my own mothering....sigh.
Thank you for being an inspiration to me, as I have tried to support you in your grieving journey.(BTW I'm not saying goodbye!)