Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stuff We are Doing...

If I backtrack and tell you about yesterday morning, we had a rough start.....we had a thunder storm and it caused the electricity to go out for about 5 hours, (no electricity= no water, no bathrooms) with 14 people and being on a well water that does not make for a happy morning! Elijah did cheer us up by going to get donuts for breakfast! Caleb got up just a few seconds after the electricity came on so his morning was not affected as all the ones that had been up very early. I told Terry by the end of the day I felt like I had lived three days in one day. The guys were around here as it rained on and off until the afternoon. The girls and I did some shopping for some needed winter items; Josh had a hole in his boots so that was a need, Andrew needed a chore coat and we found a few other things that was needed. Josiah and Hosanna went along with us and Mercy, so we went to my favorite store, Kohl's and found some warm winter nighties for Siah and Hosie. We got home and fixed fried fish that my dad brought us. He is a big fisherman and I am spoiled and can only eat his (crappie) fish, he filet's it for us too! Because of the rain we did not get to the chicken butchering, but tonight is the night! The guys are going to get here a little early and after our meal we'll get started! Bethany is fixing dinner tonight! It's a staple meal around here; she cooks a roast until it falls apart and also cooks dry pinto beans. She will then put them together and we'll put it on soft tortilla's with all the toppings, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sauted onions and peppers, sour creme, and hot sauce. Sometimes we also fix Mexican rice to go along with it and avocodo dip but tonight since we are on a tight schedule we'll just gulp it down and get to work! She's also fixing dessert. She can do anything in the kitchen, which I am thankful for and I know her future family will survive, but she'd rather be doing something outside or with her goats:)

Yes, its the 23rd today and it is not passing without an ache in my heart but I read a verse this morning that allowed me to look forward to the treasure I have in heaven and it is true where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. This world is not my "home!!"

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to the Affair of the Heart with the B girls. It is a huge craft fair and I really never buy anything, it's just fun to go and to be with our friends!

Thanks for keeping on with us.....


Don't forget...if you have not seen Joel's Journey, you can go to (with Vision Forum) do a search for JJ and download for around $4.95, I think


Dara Steward said...

Where is the Affair of the Heart this time of year? If you will be near south OKC, I would love it if you stopped by, or maybe we could meet up with you somewhere?

payton said...

Mrs. Morris,

Hey, my mom and I are going to Affair of the Heart tomorrow, too! Maybe we will see you girls there!

In Christ,
Payton "Petie" Wilson