Friday, October 10, 2008


Again, thanks for all the guesses you all made on the froggy was fun for us and me as it helped sidetrack the heavy heart I was having that morning. Also anyone that would like a Joel's Journey DVD, they are available for $12 and $3 shipping, $15 total, you can e-mail us if you would like one at . I continue to have a gratefulness how the Lord worked all that out with John-Clay and his skills in video and Caleb and Daniel doing all the music, and then to have entered it in three festivals and have it win in its categories is joy to a mommys heart that misses her little boy. Don't forget him.......

What a week.....the guys are suppose to be home today and we are fixin' a man meal!!!! Meat (beef and goat roast) and potatoes, fried okra, rolls and Anna is making a dessert of course! This morning we did some school, I finished up Jeremiah's CM book, Bethany made cinnamon rolls for our so kind vet that worked on Rancho, Mercy is taking a nap, laundry is going, still need to make a run through the house to get it in shape before the guys get here, Elijah especially likes it all to be in order! Tomorrow Anna will be the photographer at a wedding, its our friend David. I know she will do a good job with her abilities and skills. (Some of us are going, some staying, Caleb and Daniel will be glued to their studio, they are so far behind on composition for the Pendragon movie and I think Elijah might be renting a tractor to start his miniature bucking bull rodeo heard right, talk about that later!!!!) I am so blessed by all the pictures Anna takes of the children and their adventures around here, there are some awfully funny ones, but the targeted person in the picture would not be too happy if I posted them. I wish I had something profound to say today (not like I ever do) but some people in their grieving talk about different signs they receive or see. Believe me, I look for them, but they do not seem to come my way like others, but as I had the window up this morning, I "heard" some signs, or so I was blessed by all the noises and through them I worshiped the Lord, I heard a mower being driven by a child, a rooster crowing, voices of children chattering, an airplane in the heights, dogs barking, birds tweeting, goats baaing, and it brought a gratefulness that I can be here with my family and even though Joel was not able to experience this morning with me and with us, we had him for 3 years 4 months and 10 days, it was not enough for my heart but His wisdom is infinite and I do trust Him...... Just trying to live "life" with a broken heart, being separated from a child that I gave birth to..... I can do it, by his grace!

Better go, phone call and they are on their way!!!!!!


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Dara Steward said...

You are precious. You really do such a beautiful job expressing your heart. Thank you for writing. Now that I am a mother, my heart bleeds for you even more. I will never forget Joel. I love you all!