Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Oct. 2006 Memory....

Sometimes when I write about memories of Joel or the "then times," you might detect the heaviness of being under the trial, there are plenty of those memories but there are many/most memories that are fun and I guess you might say when I write about these you can sense that I am on top of the trial and the words are not as laden. Perspective and allowing the scripture to penetrate my thoughts guides these two views. On this day the 14th of Oct. 2006, was a very memorable day, it was a Saturday and we were having a "Family Day" with 4 other families which was a total of 46 folks out here on our farm. On the 11th -13 the guys worked way into the night with lights getting the red tin on our barn for the occasion. We had a wiener roast, played volley ball and then we divided everyone up and had a Scavenger Picture taking hunt. I had a list of things each team was suppose to take pictures of, one being a picture of all the twins that were here, ( the Burnett's have twin girls plus our two sets) Joel and Josiah were a little timid with so many people, and you can see that in the pictures. They did have a great time, even as they clung to me much of the time. After they ate their lunch I laid them down for their nap. After all the pictures were taken we set up chairs and hooked the cameras to a screen and Mrs. Burnett and myself were judges, Joel and Josiah had by then woke up and sat watching all the pictures. The day is so clear, the laughter, the fellowship with others, it is a day of a happy memories of being together. I read a verse in Luke this morning, 1:14, And thou have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. The joy and gladdness of Joel's life exceeds the trial. I read this week about a mother that carried her baby 36 weeks and got to be her her son for 16 minutes and then he went to be with Jesus, anytime we have with our children is going to be too short for a mothers heart, but I have the joy and gladdenss today that I even got to have Joel and his life here with us for the appointed time the Lord granted. And I am sure if you ask that mommy, or Moses' mother or Samuel's mother, they would all say, I had rather have him for 16 minutes or two years, than not at all!! So I rejoice that I had Joel and that we had this day together 2 years ago on the 14th!!

The guys are expected back this evening and Goat Chops are up on the menu. looking ahead for the week, busy....grocery week, and we have another goat show, Anna is giving her lessons to her student tonight, Bethany's friend, Danielle (and ours:) is coming over tomorrow and spending the day, as she is visiting another family in OK. I am real excited about an opportunity that our family is going to do on Sunday evenings, we are going to get together with another family and Terry is going to be teaching Biblical doctrine, actually going through the 1689 Confession of Faith. It will be a time of study and fellowship. Foundation is critical in a believer's heart, it is through the doctrine of God's Sovereignity that is bringing us through the valley of the shadow of death and then too, all the daily circumstances that befall us. Terry's spiritual gift is teaching so it will be an opportunity for him to use his gifts that the Lord has given him, and I think he's a pretty good teacher myself :)

Anna's camera is still available, thanks for the inquiries, she plans on putting it on e-bay on Friday, so if your serious, let her know!


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