Monday, October 13, 2008

For Sale....

For Sale.......Anna is ready for an upgrade and she is wanting to sell her camera! I know there are a lot of places out there to purchase one, so if your shopping you got to get it from somewhere!
She has....

* Nikon D40 Camera
* 18-55 mm lens
* 2 rechargeable batteries ( one just purchased for the wedding)
* all the original boxes and book
* a camera case
* it was purchased a year ago in June from B&H photo on-line
(no SD card will be sold with it)

So if your interested, you can e- mail us and we can give you any info at

Getting everyone in the bed in the evenings (excluding Caleb and Daniel, they finally get into bed around the 3am time) is quite busy, a challenge and a time I enjoy, you see I usually am one of the firsts to get in the bed and Terry has this special time with the children. I can not even remember when it all started, the blessings that he gives them, and if they happen to go to bed before Terry gives them their blessing they come look for him!! He lays his hands on their head and speaks a blessing of scripture over them. The one he uses is "the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you, lift up his countenance on you and give you peace." And then he speaks a scripture over them in Nigerian, which I can not write out, but he does this in a Nigerian sound and it is usually sorta loud. Last night Terry was doing Mercy's blessing and she kept saying "give me peace." We finally figured out that she wanted the give you peace one. I remember Joel and Josiah giggling when Terry would do the Nigerian blessing to them. I guess as I lay in bed last night and heard all the rowdy fun they were having and all the blessing going forth, it brings a gladness that there are ones to do this over and a sadness that Joel is not in that room. Like so many say, its a bitter/sweet.

The guys are working afar today, hopefully they will finish this job up tomorrow. Not a lot happening besides normal duties!

Blessings to you all!!



Laura said...

I love that blessing. My husband blesses both our little ones and myself every morning! So lovely for your husband to do that with your family!

Kelly said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to write back, but I wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for the wonderful words of encouragement you left for me on my blog. I love the blessing your husband says to your beautiful children! I believe that we need to have something like this in our home every evening..! I also wanted to say that your family is amazingly beautiful - God is shining all around you! And you are right, grief is certainly bitter/sweet. I miss our precious Liberty every single day and I am working so hard at turning to the Lord during these hard days so that He may shine through me, instead of the pain and anger.
I would love to keep in touch with you! Feel free to write anytime! :) God bless!

Paulette said...

the nikon is nice, she is wise to upgrade to the D-80 even. I have a new canon xti rebel and it is amazing. I love photograpy as well.

Adina said...

There's nothing like a Daddy's blessing!