Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Blessing From the Lord....

Sometimes I wonder why I still continue to write, is this little bit of words helping anybody?? I pray often that Joel's story will continue to impact and God will do mighty things in and through our "walk through the shadow of death." I read a verse this morning and the Lord showed me that He is building a testimony by allowing us to be a partaker of an affliction and His desire is that the "power of God" be shown. Then this afternoon the Lord confirmed this verse from an e-mail that I received that all is not in vain. Be not therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God. (II Tim. 1:8) Just as Paul was a prisoner and oft in chains and afflictions and more, he sought to testify to others the Gospel, he told others of his deliverances, he encouraged the weak and faint-hearted, he exhorted the faithful, he had a testimony of the power of God and it came by and through his trials and afflictions and imprisonments. This is what I desire to do. The Lord has given us a platform, a prison from which we can tell of the power of God, how yes, this is an unthinkable, devastating happening (from my own perspective) to a parents heart but the power of God is leading us through. He has allowed us to meet many through this blog and be an encouragement just of how our daily lives are carried out and its because of the power of God, nothing of us, its Him only!!! My heart soared as I read the words of this dear lady and how the Lord has allowed our trial, our lives to encourage them. I praise the Lord for His granting something for me to see with my eyes through this e-mail, thank you for taking the time to write:) It was a blessing from the Lord!!!!!

We are in for a yummy treat tonight.....Anna is making our meal!!!!! Sour Creme Swiss Steak, Golden Harvest Potato Bake, Herbed Onion Fociccia (bread) and Turtle Brownies for dessert. We might have to charge folks for this meal!!! It is a blessing to have older girls to help......all you young mommy's, hang in there, remember your going to reap soon!!!!!

Have a blessed evening!!!!


The picture is Timmy and Mercy, Timmy's parents and family join us on Sunday evenings for our study together on the 1689 Confession of Faith. Mr. Morris already told Timmy's daddy that he has to come to him first for any future plans :)


L said...


What a blessed realization that the Lord has given you a platform from which to magnify His Name.

He has given you a gift, in the form of a trial, so His Name may be lifted high and praised before so many.

May the Lord bless your platform, bless your story, reach the hearts of so many who need Him, and glorify Himself.

God is using Joel's legacy in many ways you are not even aware of.

Keep on writing as the Lord forges the pathway before you.

In Him,
The Seargeant Family
Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

Heather said...

Your story is a blessing to me. I enjoy reading all about your adventures and I've been learning a lot from your honesty ...... and as for Timmy? Looking at Mercys expression he's going to have some work to do ***grin**

-stephanie- said...

Your words are always a blessing to me. I strive to serve our Lord, the way you do. His blessings to all of you.