Thursday, March 6, 2008


A young ladies prayer is answered, wish granted, dream come true, desire fulfilled. Anna is the proud (and humble) owner of a Registerd Black Angus Heifer yearling! She has made this request in our Wisdom Time in the evenings for a looong time, and she finally convinced the "board members" of Shekinah Springs Farm and Construction to be a means for the Lord to use to recieve her request, (her oldest 3 brothers and dear father) She can be a good example to all of us to keep "seeking, knocking and asking." Anna has done alot of research and she knows alot of "cow stuff." She has even given her brother Elijah, the cattleman a few bits of info. I am thankful for Anna's faith and her perserverance in not giving up on her prayer to be answered. If Joel were here, he would be so happy for a new farm animal, he would be climbing on the fence peeking over and hollerin at "Annie" wanting to see and know all about that new "moo moo" as he called them. I wish I could hear him hollerin, screamin, crying, laughing, throwing a fit....anything! Maybe he is getting to see a cattle on a thousand hill, God's moo moo's!!! I stayed home with the 5 younger ones, but it sounds like it was some kind of adventure as they went to this auction\sale at a ranch in south OKC about an hour from us. We have been to a few sales and this one sounded like nothing comparable. Bethany said as they arrived they saw all these brick type houses with white pillers and she thought they were the ranch hands houses.....but they were the cow sheds!! WOW! They said there was white fencing for a mile section and maybe more, huge iron gates, statutes and the house looked like a hotel building. Micah said they had padded seats to sit on and carpet in the sale area, they had free food galore (our crew loved that) and at one end there was a type of banquet area where these chefs were preparing a BBQ for later. Elijah said this rancher owned a football team too! From the looks of it, a millionaire, billionair or some kind of air. It was quite an experience for the crew! One thing for sure whether it is a 3 year old little boy with a few little toys or an ederly gentleman, every good and perfect gift is from above, from the Father of lights, and we can not take it with us. May the Lord grant this one grace to see and know the Lord if he does not. Anyway it was fun for the older ones to go and we had fun too, making some brownies and Josh made the coffee. I guess I will have to tell you later what Anna will name the young girl!

Tonight.....our dear friends the Burnett's are coming over for fun and fellowship and FOOD!! They are so dear to our hearts. I know we are in for a good time and a loud time, 20 children total. They were so faithful to us as we walked through the darkest days of our lives, as were others too. Cheryl was the #1 sitter with Mercy while we were at the hospital. Mercy calls her "B."

Shopping day today, I did not cry much, I was so busy in thought getting stuff for Mercy's birthday. And nothing unusual happened, Praise the Lord!!!!

Have a fun Friday night!!!


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