Saturday, March 22, 2008

Andrew is 12 !!

Howdy Partners.....Andrew done went and turned 12 and we had ourselves a right good time, sure as shooten!! First we gathered up all the lil' doggies and played some games. We had a tin can shoot and most of em' were dead eyes! Next we had a Hobby Horse Race. They rode like the wind to the finish line! After that was the Cattle Drive. Them cowpunchers had to drive their cows(balloons) over the range. Some cows made it, some didn't, they were let for dead on the dusty trail! (balloons popped) Rattlesnake Rucus was next, passing a plastic snake(like hot potatoe) around in a circle to some good "old" cowboy music! By that time these hungry Buckaroos had worked themselves up an appetite and were ready for some chuck wagon grub. They filled their belly's with Howdy Partner Hamburgers, Fiddlin Franks, Bucharoo Baked Beans, Cow Chips and washed er'down with some Sasparilla. With belly's full and a fire crackling we settled down to "brand" Andrew with some blessings. Terry, Caleb and Daniel gave Andrew some good preachin' in encouraging him to seek the Lord, take up manhood, study to show thyself approved, ect. By God's grace I know Andrew will saddle up and follow the trails with the Lord. He came to me personally and thanked me for all the party and his gift. He has taken a step in the right direction....showing gratefulness! To round up the night Andrew opened his gift and was happily surprised with a Leatherman. A 16 arm utility tool. We couldn't quite crawl in our bunks without some sweets, so with a little bit of Campfire Coffee we had Sheriff Surprise(a yummy brownie bar) Cow Patty Candy(homemade millionaires) and Old Codger Cookies( sheriff badge sugar cookies) Now that there was a good time! And thanks fer comin along on the trails with us!!!!

The party was great!! I was the one quite miserable...A bladder infection hit hard yesterday morning. Anna and Bethany really had to pull things together for me. They did and I am sooo grateful. Right now I feel a little better but not 100%. Hopefully by this evening I will be mostly over it. Thanks for praying for me.

Anna took close to 400 pictures, her memory card was filled. I'm not going to post them all:) So many fun ones, that I might post some more in the future! Her picture taking abilities are priceless to me! I put the one of Joel too, his last party with Andrew, he was always right smack in the middle of partying!! Boy, he would have loved this one. Josiah had the biggest time!! I missed my lil' cowboy, Joel! It is times like this that the tears sting your cheeks and the pain seems so deep. Being together is a treasure. Lord willing we'll all be together again one day!!!

Blessed and joyful trails to you!!! (more pics below)


Danielle said...

Aw, that looks SOOO fun! I am so glad that the party turned out so well! Thanks for posting all the pictures. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better also, Mrs. Morris. :)

Lockwoods said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I always love looking at the pictures and hearing all about your birthday parties.
It reminds me so much of celebrating with our little ones. It is so wonderful how a family can have so much fun together. I love seeing how your older ones and little ones all have fun together. I love how even the simple things are still enjoyed by all. There is so much joy in a family who loves the Lord and loves eachother. Such a contrast from families who are so broken and "into" their own things.
I am praying you fully recover from your bladder infections quickly...those are so very painful. What a blessing to have your older daughters step in and get everything ready!

Annie said...

FUN pictures! Sounds like a really fun party!!!