Thursday, March 20, 2008

Joel's Spring

Joel’s Spring

The smell of spring is in the air
Memories of yester year I will not spare

Creaking, Cracking of the swing
Side by side soaring as with wing

One leg in the other two
Ready for farm work with dad to do

Dad’s a tilling, seeds in hand
To await bursting ground of fruit to span

Blue skies, sunsets and family fun
Homemade ice-cream by the ton

New shorts and shirts for heated days
Barefoot toes on red dirt clay

“Siah” your twin, your buddy close
Partners playing sunup to sunset almost

Now...little empty boots that held your feet
Folded shirt on the shelf so neat

Today...I’m going to walk to your grave
Thoughts in my heart of you to save

My heart hurts thinking your body so cold
Unto the resurrection, eyes of faith must hold

So many flowers were buried in your ground
Oh! I hope I’m there when the trumpet sounds

Looking forward daffodils to bloom
Will remind me of “life” yet soon

A seed must fall and cease to live
Then fruit it brings to others give

Enjoy your spring in heaven above
Just sending you a bouquet of Mommy’s love

The first day of spring.....Joel and Josiah loved the warm weather. I remember going to Babys R Us to get these and some other little outfits for them in Feb.06. They were eagerly awaiting for a warm day to wear them. Most mornings they started out with the same clothes on, but by the end of the day they did not match due to dirt or something! What fun getting to pick out two of everything! To think this was Joel's last spring....we knew not the road ahead, but the Lord knew, he was already there for us, who could endure such trials without him! For Him I am ever so thankful.

May the Lord give you a "Happy Spring" as well......


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Annie said...

What a beautiful poem! Joel was a cutie pie. My heart hurts for you knowing only a fraction of what you must feel. There is no love like a mothers love. (Except God's)