Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mercy is 2 !!

Our sweet little Mercy is 2 today!!! Her day started with .....Birthday Donuts! Terry and the boys were here till the afternoon so we went with celebrating this morning and having her birthday meal at lunch. After her donuts I went to get her Birthday dress on and she did not want any part of the "swishy, crunchy" dress that I got her, so we went to plan "B" and put on a "sweet" party dress which she was happy with. I ask the children, of all the 2nd birthdays who really cooperated and took pictures nicely at the table?? Mercy was struggling somewhat, until we got to the present time, then she loosened up and began enjoying it. She was happy to get a new baby stroller and a birthday baby, 3 new dresses and I found a really cute picture frame for her 2nd year picture that has bunnies on it. Her Bunny Birthday Party was easy decorating as I took advantage of all that is on the shelves at the stores right now. We have always sought to put all the emphasis on the Resurrection, so Jeremiah being so innoculated from all the hoopla of "Easter" ask (because I had eggs and rabbits for decorations) "do rabbits lay eggs?" and Josiah in his 4 year old wisdom informed him," NO RABBITS DO NOT LAY EGGS." Anna helped with the Rabbit cake, and the Rabbit sugar cookies, and we had a favorite meal of Mercy's, spagetti and a salad that even had some of our own fresh spinach in it. We also made Bunny Bread and put vegatable dip in his belly with carrot sticks. So all that was easy and fun!! After lunch we went outside to have an "egg hunt." I filled 150 plastic eggs with mini candy. Anna and I hid them in fairly easy places, I was not going to take the time to hide eggs for hours! The little ones had some baskets and off they went....I had to limit the older ones so the younger ones would be sure to get some. After our "sweet" little egg hunt, it then turned into a war zone of throwing empty eggs at each other....who could have thought of such......none other than the older ones!! Oh well, thats boy stuff!!! Mercy has now layed down for a nap and we'll have to eat cake later as they are full of "junk."

Two years ago.....the memories are so vivid, it was my longest labor but the Lord granted her to arrive into our arms safely, which we were so grateful as her cord was around her neck and short. My sweet little Joel, after getting back from our neighbors,(all the children) pushed his way through all the legs and wanted a first hand look at this new little member of our family, His expression of delight is etched in my memory. He had no fears of holding her as Josiah was so timid and said he was "scared." Joel was fasinated with this "little, moving treasure." He only carried out his first born traits as being a leader and wanting to see. I guess he got to demonstrate that trait as he has entered heaven first, a leader. It is a day of mixed emotions, of joy for the blessing of Mercy and at the same time heartache as I wish we could all be together. I suppose there will never be anything that does not remind us of Joel. So today I rejoice and grieve at the same time.

Its been a fun day for Mercy and a blessing to be together and celebrate!!! Coming soon....Andrews 12th BD on Friday!!



Emma R. said...

Happy Birthday little Mercy! She is getting so big, and she is just one of the most precious things I have ever seen.

Ella (my youngest twin/3) says she wants a bunny party now. She likes looking at Mercy's picture, I think they would be great friends.

Have a wonderful first day of spring tomorrow, we will think of you guys while we are at the zoo.


Lockwoods said...

Happy Birthday Mercy! Sounds like you had a very special 2nd birthday party for a very special little lady.
I love all the effort and decorations, food ect... you put into making each child's birthday so special. What wonderful memories as you work on the party as a family and then celebrate together too!
Psalms 127
love and prayers,

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Mercy! What a beautiful site you have here Cindy. (( Hugs ))
In Christ, Lisa (Beehiveof8)