Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life is Precious.....

Four years ago today we witnessed a great tragedy in our country; over the wishes of her family, the governor of her state, and even the president of the United States, the judicial system of this country murdered Terri Schiavo.
The forces of the culture of death were so strong that nothing could stop them. It was a sad day for America, and yet it was the result of decades of departure from God's truth. The year 1973 comes to mind, the year when we started legally killing babies in the womb. Going back even further, many of the churches in this country abandoned by and large the principle of the blessing of children in the first few decades of the 1900's.
The word of God teaches us that life is sacred, it teaches us the truth that human life is a gift from God, the Creator of all. We are to cherish, we are to protect, we are to hold as sacred, life, from the conception in the womb until the last breath is taken and the heart no longer beats.
No man is to determine who's life is worth living. Our family faced a great challenge when doctors instructed us to end the life of our precious 3 year old Joel. We stood against the culture of death, and were called into the courtroom by Joel's doctor where we had to fight for his life.
We were able to defeat his goal, but we had to continue to contend for his life day by day as he lay in the PICU in Oklahoma City. The Lord chose to take Joel home to heaven, Jan. 23, 2007, when his little heart stopped beating on its own, but we must continue to stand against the culture of death in this country. Every believer must turn back to the scriptural truth that life is a gift from God to be cherished and welcomed and protected. We must say no to the culture of death and fight for life, each day, each hour, each moment. Can we do any less to honor the precious lives of Terri Schiavo and Joel Morris and countless others!!!

Terry, sharing here......

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mercy and the Potty !!

I thought I would give an up date on Mercy Morris and her "Potty Training!!" Funny how the last post was on the opposite end of the spectrum....praying about the future marriage and life mates of all the children and now back to potty updates. All I can say about Mercy's adventure is " I am amazed, I have never in all potty training ever experienced this!!" It has been 3 1/2 weeks that she came to me one bright morning and said very loudly, "I need go potty!!" I picked her up and raced her to the bathroom never thinking much of it, I was just flying with her on this "whim." As she sat on the potty and actually went, I was surprised to say the least. I thought, "she must know the need to go now." Later in the day I told Bethany to pick her up some cute girley undies and Mercy thought she was "it" in those tiny little things!! Here is how it has gone thus far..... that first night I put a diaper back on her which she did not want to do but I assured her that she would get her little panties on in the morning. She woke up dry and the first week she had about 6 accidents the whole time. After that first night I really forgot to put diapers on her before bed and she has not wet the bed at night in this 3 1/2 week time. She comes and tells me when she needs to go with both the big business and the small!!! This has been the easiest training I have ever experienced!! I am actually sad that I can not have the difficulity of it. Maybe I should write a book, there are tons out there that "tell you how," give all these methods of bare bottoms at home, look for when they are still, when they might be starting to grunt and groan, finding out their patterns for it and whatever else "they" say. I think I would entitle my book "No Stress Potty Training." It would very easy to apply the method and very short chapters. Chapter One; Wait!!!!! Chapter 2; Wait til they are three!!! Chapter 3; Wait till they tell you they gotta go!! Chapter 4; Benefits For the Mom would be, 1) you keep your sanity, 2) you do not have bruises on your head from banging your head on the wall, 3) you still like your child, 4) you do not have to try to wash and sling the stuff off in the potty from accidents!!!! I doubt my book would sell because the majority would think this method quite ridicoulous......but it worked for me!!!! So there is my two cents worth!!! So I announce to you....Mercy Morris is Potty Trained!! This is the first time in 22 1/2 years that I have not bought diapers on our grocery shopping days, it is the strangest thing! I have always had one wearing diapers even while waiting on the next one to arrive!

So thankful for the Lord providing work this week and the guys having many things following! When your self-employed, you learn very quickly "Who" is your Provider because you meet Him on your knees often. They have several really big jobs coming up, one a commercial job doing the Build Block.

Another birthday this week, Joshua's on Thursday. He will be 11, Lord willing and he is going to have a Camp Out Party! Because of the guys work schedule, we are going to do his doughnuts and gifts on Thursday morning and then Friday evening do his "party." Going to be fun, I found some games that will fit the theme and other ideas.

Remember the Beginners Garden Workshop, Saturday, April 11, 9am- 12 noon here on our little farm!! More info or you can register here. Gonna be fun!!! We are passing out flyers today to all the sponsors!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Love Story.....

One of the wonderful things about the scripture besides teaching us doctrine, reproof/correction, edifying, comforting and giving us direction, it teaches us how to pray. A we read it, our understanding becomes more enlightened and we see ways of praying that open to us desires that we might have not initially prayed for, so really if we allow the Words/Principles of scripture to become our prayers, we have the opportunity of receiving more than sometimes our meager, human "think what we want prayers." I have been reading in Genesis and a few days ago I read Chapter 24, the beautiful love story of Isaac and Rebekah. Terry and I have been praying for our childrens mates and as I read this, I found more specific ways to pray and look forward to greater things, (because of the pattern here in these verses), the Lord can do as I seek to make my requests known. Isaac benefited from the faith of his father, Abraham. Just as the sins of a father are passed on to the following generations so are blessings, ones who seek to walk according to the ways of the Lord. Abraham was this type of man, he was blessed of the Lord in all things, in his life, his business, all his endeavors (v.1) He was a man of faith believing the promise that the Lord gave him that his son would marry. (v.4) Terry and I want to expect this same principle with our own children, believing that the Lord has a life mate for them, that this is the ultimate, optimal plan for each of them. That God uses the father to give counsel and direction. Abraham desired a mate for his son that was of faith in the Lord, (v.7) Abraham was a man that trusted the Lord with the timming, places, circumstances as when all this would take place. (v.10-13) So all these verses have to do with the father of Isaac, he was prayerful, patient, wise, walking in the ways of the Lord. So alot falls on the shoulders of our husbands and the father of our children, we as wives need to pray for them!! Next, I saw ways to pray for the groom to be, and as my sons read this may these ways be in your lives. Know and rest that God has an appointed woman for each of you, (v. 14) God will lead your every step and order the ways and hows of it all, (v.27) In verses 62-63, Isaac is shown to have a personel faith in the Lord, he has a fear of God, as the well he was at "Lahai-roi, means the well of him that liveth and seeth me, he spent time with the Lord, he had expectations in the Lord and not what he could make happen as he looked up with his eyes, and finally God delivered his beautiful Bride and I think the phase is quite sweet, the camels are coming (v.63) So my dear sons and daughters, keep trusting and praying and waiting, the camels are coming!!!!! The marriage was consumated, they were made one, and he loved her. Back over in verse 12, I like this to turn into a prayer as the servant was desiring an extrordinary work, not depending on what he could conjur up but upon God's providences. He said send me good speed this day and shew kindness unto my master Abraham. As I think about the lovely bride-to-be, first and foremost she was a servant, and going over and beyond what was required, (v.19) she was lovely to look upon, pratically speaking, she was a good steward of her temple, (v.16) She was kept pure and undefiled awaiting her husband, (v.16) She was industerious and not idle, as she was tending to the needs of her family and still under her fathers house gathering water as this was the custom for women in the evening. She new her lineage and heritage as she quickly honored her fathers name and spoke highly of him, (v.24) She was hospitable and had training of politeness and of speech(v.25) She kept her family informed with things in her life, desires, circumstances, (v28) As the servant enters the home, to me it was portraying two families coming together in harmony,(v29-31) And of course the blessing of the house was given to Rebekah, some say Rebekka's father was not alive, but either way, the blessing was given!(v.50-52) And then the blessing of the womb was given, I love that part, v.60, And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of theose which hate him. There was short engagement and their lives were joined together until death!!! Also as the servant shared to Rebekah's family of the prospective goom and his family, he was a able to give a good report, one of faith and integrity, (v.35-36) I was so blessed as I read this and saw many new things I could be praying for each of our children. Some of yuo might be getting squirmey, thinking "is something happening over here?" as why I am writing about marriage, and even in a post a little ways back. I guess its kinda like expecting your first baby, its territory we have not tread, and any preparation in prayer is always a good thing and Lord willing it will happen someday!!!! I am not seasoned in this area, so I do not have answers to all of it now, but Lord willing by the time the 10th, 11th or 12th gets it done, I'll have answers for ya, so stay tuned!!!!! Now if you wanta know about babies and children, by God's grace I might can help ya out!!!

I hope you might take the time to go back and re-read Chapter 24 and see the specific versesI mentioned, as I did not write them out and I hope they will encourage your prayers for your children!!

So.....Lord.....may you give all of our sons their "Rebekah's" and may you give all of our daughter's their "Isaac's." And may you bless them with thousands of milliions!!!! Whew, I can't wait!!!!! I am so thankful and I love my "Isaac.. alas... Terry!!!"

Hadn't seen near drop of snow yet.....them thar predictors of the weather, are ye sure you know what ya talkin'?????

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy !!!!

Yes, these are our tulips, Anna did a great job capturing them

Still here......just been a bit busy!! Also today I went to do all the grocery shopping as they have predicted a big snow for tomorrow and I knew I could not get out in that and we were down to the "Last Supper!!" I have to tell you about my really exciting bargain!! About a month ago I went into the store Christopher and Banks and saw a denim skirt I really wanted, but it was $45, and I could not bring myself to get it. Today I decided to pop back in there not even wondering about the skirt but looking for skirts in general. I made my way through the store and then went over to the clearance rack, there was ONE left and it was my size, it was marked $19, but the fantastic things was all their clearance stuff was 1/2 off, so I got it for a whopping $10!!!!! I love little blessings like that!!!! I even wore it out of the store!!!!! I found several things at re-sale stores and thrifty places for some of the others here. All went well getting the groceries, it was a mad house as I guess folks think we are going to be snowed in for weeks.

I do not have a lot of time to write for now, we are preparing to go over to Dave's and Kate's for dinner. They said they were fixing us an "Asian Adventure." I just hope its dead and well cooked!!!

Don't forget about the Garden Workshop, Saturday, April 11th-- 9am-12 noon. I found the cutest basket to fill and give away for it. I am going to fill it with lots of "goodies." You can check back here and see if we have added anything . You can register here to come. All those peoples that have shown interest in coming to our farm that live fairly close, nows your time......we'd love to meet you and visit with you!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Count your many blessings, name them one by one.....

New shipment of Joel's Journey DVD's has arrived today, 1000 of them!!!! Want to order one?????

#2 A bountiful harvest of "fresh spinach" from the garden.....yummy!!!!! want some?????

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is It Not You ??

I always read from the King James Version, but I read this verse in the NIV and it had a phrase in it that really caused my heart to think of Joel. It's hard for me to make a "list" of things and ways I see good and blessings from this, but to acknowledge and declare it is what I think the scripture teaches me to do, tell of His wonderous works. I know as time passes the list will grow and one day I can fold my list up and I will not have to remind myself anymore because I will be face to face!!!

But, brothers, when we were torn away from you for a short time (in person, not in thought), out of our intense longing we made every effort to see you. For we wanted to come to you—certainly I, Paul, did, again and again—but Satan stopped us. For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? Indeed, you are our glory and joy. (NIV I Thes. 2:19)

Is it not you, Joel?

^that makes me think of eternity every moment, everyday, with almost every breath
^that has allowed my fellowship with the Lord to be sweeter
^that reminds me how some things are just not important
^when I sit at your grave, that this is not the end
^that has allowed me to know a fellowship with Christ in suffering in a small way
^that through this trial, I feel like Satan's kingdom has been damaged and God's kingdom has been furthered
^in that this suffering has allowed me to be able to pray for others with feeling and pleadings and not just voicing "words"
^that has given us opportunites to talk about a world that we can not see, but one we hope for, to your brothers and sisters
^that your being there and I am here, how it reminds me that eternity is so close, our days are numbered
^and how your little 3 yr life has been told to more people than I could possibly reach in a life time
^that has blessed us with unspeakable joys by being your mommy and daddy and family
^that has been a means of growing and increasing my faith

Is it not you, Joel? Yes, it is one so little that God has used in such a big way !! Your being "there" gives me hope, joy and a looking forward to eternity........It IS YOU!!!!

I know God is my foundational hope and joy, Joel is being used to spur me on!!! Joel's tree is in full bloom, it is so beautiful right now......full of life and so is he.....there!!!!

*****Stay tuned to here for the info on The Garden Workshop we are hosting here at our farm Sat. April 11. Hoping to keep adding to it!!!! ***We have added TWO more Sponsors, that makes a total of 4, YEA!!!! Drawings for garden tools to be given away.....don't miss this!!!******

Andrew is 13 !!!

Andrew Lee Morris is 13 today!!!Andrew is our 7th born child, and the second to be born on the farm here! Andrew's name means one who is courageous, manly, and wow does Andrew live up to that thus far!! Whether its chores, playing a sports around here, hunting/fishing, he is the "man." If you go fishin' with Andrew, he always catches the most, if you try to out run him in a sports game, its tough, if you try to wrestle him, he is so clever to wiggle his way out, when he goes hunting, he rarely comes home empty handed!! Andrew is, I think our quietest child which I am glad I have at least one,:) but he has times when he gives us a good dose of a merry heart!! Andrew has several "nicknames," and as many of you know that's all they go by amongst themselves. His are "Dean, Dewey and several more but I can not phonetically spell them on the keyboard here. There are many things I am thankful for in Andrew's life. He does his morning chores without having to be reminded, he is sensitive and repentant when given reproof, he is willing to watch over the little ones when needed. Andrew is Bethany's "man" when it comes to goat stuff, he helps and shows with her in all this goat business. One thing that Andrew likes to do is ride steers and he gave his best ride last summer and won some money!! I keep trying to convince them to just leap on one of our cows out there and enjoy the ride!!! Andrew invited Jesus into his heart about two years ago but he still needs to be baptized, as we have shared with him at times, we are praying he will initate that with a response and of course if he does soon we'll have to wait until a little warmer weather to baptize him here at our pond with our church fellowship. Our prayer for Andrew, as all the children is that he will walk in the truth all his days, he will seek to serve others and carry out the meaning of his name, to be courageous and also be a "fisher of men," to love the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength, and as the Lord leads and gives in his future a family and wife, that he would love her as Christ loves the Church.....sacrifically. What a blessing to have the privelege of nurting and admonshing all these "boys, young men and men." Godly men are a critical foundation to our country, our homes and families and we have 8 here with us to send out, may the Lord grant us grace and power to do that effectively for His kingdom and His glory!!!!

Andrew opened his presents with his yummy donuts this morning and we'll have his burgers and all that stuff later. He is having a "Crow Party," different, huh??? I get themes of the BD's from things they are interested in or they are doing in and around their BD many times. He got a VERY sharp buck knife, hunting stuff, a re-chargable light, and a $30 wooden crafted Crow call! Happy Birthday Andrew, I love you so very much!!!!

Bethany is up at the goat birthing chamber again!!!! More on the way!!! Did you read about her last triplet birth?? It was crazy and a little nervous!!

Things are underway as we plan the Garden Workshop, (see post below) I am going to keep reminding in each post and will have a link back to it so you can see things if we add to it!! We now are going to serve Daylight Doughnuts FREE in the morning as we have them for our 2nd sponsor!!! Keep checking back and plan to come!!!! *** Our 3rd Sponsor taking part: Guthrie Garden Center, 811 S. Division, Guthrie, Ok!!!! You do not want to miss this or the Doughnuts:)

Have a great Saturday!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Beginner Gardening Workshop

We have an idea.....as I shared in a previous post about gardening, Terry and our family would like to host a Beginners Gardening Workshop here at our place, Shekinah Springs Farm. The Lord has blessed Terry with 15 years of experience and a little wisdom in gardening, so to be a good steward of that he would like to pass it on to others. We are not claiming he knows it all, he is still learning about this Okie soil, but we think it would be fun and a way to fellowship as well!! Here is the info and hope you join us and maybe you'd just like to come and enjoy some fresh country air....(no excuses Lori!!!)

Beginners Gardening Workshop
Saturday, April 11, 2009
9:00 am until 12:00 noon
You can get directions on our farm site
when you register

*****FREE***** Donuts and Coffee

$20.00 per family or $10.00 for an individual

*Gardening Tips and Training
* Hands on Experience
*Look around the Farm
*Fresh Country Air
*Children can play with New Baby Goats!!!

Items For sale:
* Homemade Goat Soap
*Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bread
* Homemade Cookies and Stuff!!!

Sponsors we have, thus far:

*Stouts Green House
2900 S Division
Guthrie, Ok

*Daylight Donuts
Guthrie, Ok

*Guthrie Garden Center
811 S. Division
Guthrie, Ok

*Guthrie Ace Hardware

*Willoby's Feed and Outfitters
Guthrie, Ok

*******One Farm Basket of Goodies*******
to be given away!!!!

****Drawings for FREE Garden tools to be given away!!!!!****

It would be great if you would take a moment to pre-register here, just signing your name and see Bethany's creativity on the web site!!! (you can pay when you arrive) or you can e-mail us at 13blesssings@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions. Come and join us!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mercy's Farm Baby Party.....I'm 3 Now!!!

Mercy's "Farm Baby Party!!!" As you can see it was all about the farm and all the baby animals we are having. Farm cakes, Farm Animal Sugar Cookies, Moo- llennium Crunch Blue Bell Ice-cream and Fun!!! She's busy now playing........

Mercy is 3 !!!

Joel~ 2-1/2 & Mercy

Today Mercy is 3!!! What a precious blessing this little girl is to our family and to my heart! She is still being fought over, tugged at and chased by all her brothers, from the oldest to the youngest, she's very popular!!! Mercy has literally been a little candle in this dark trial, she has been a ray of sunshine, she has given me smiles and laughs when I did not feel like it! I am so thankful for the Lord's Mercy to us! Mercy is our little queen, she has us all wrapped around her fingers, toes, hands and mostly our hearts!! She loves to swing about as much as Joel and Josiah!! I tell her of Joel and she talks of "Balley" and Joel and says "he's up in heaven" in such a sweet way. She helps Anna make desserts, she folds little towels in the laundry and she likes to sleep in mommy and daddies bed!!!!:) Of all the children she looks like Joel and does so many things as he would, her expressions and frolic are sweet reminders. Our prayer for Mercy is that soon in her heart the Lord would call her and give her the gift of faith and repentance and she would follow the Lord all the days of her life. We pray the Lord will give her a husband that would love her sacrificially as Christ loves the church, that she would be fruitful with thousands of millions, Gen. 24:60. That she would love Christ and serve Him with all of her being!! Mercy is having a "Farm Baby Party." Bethany said she is going to have MORE baby goats today, (likely) and we are getting more chicks here in a little while, so that is perfect for our party!! We are going to have her party at lunch, the guys are here so I will post some pictures after lunch!! Happy Birthday, Mercy, we love you!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garden 2009

The guys are here today and wow are things busy!!! First off, Terry got a portion of the garden plowed up that needed it and we are planting potatoes today, like 50 pounds of em'!! We'll see how many rows that makes and might get some more. I cut all the eyes early this morning and got them ready to go in the garden. In the top garden picture you can see some green coming up and that is the spinach, I think I might try to cut some tonight!!! In the second picture you can get an idea of how big the garden is, I sent Hosie and Siah out in about the middle of it, we think its a little over an acre. The back part really needs soil work but it will come in due time, and we have plenty of organic matter!!!! Next we were going to eat lunch and Bethany checks in on her one day over due doe and she is in labor, so you just had to grab lunch if you wanted it. All went well with the Nubian birth and she had two does, yea!!!! After all that Hosie and Jeremiah were ready to go get their new boots, so off we went. Josiah and Mercy went along too!! Got em' some sharp looking boots!!! Bethany had her violin student come and I just got back and the older boys are still out gun buying, yes more guns, I can hardley stand all this!!!! Terry has some helpers now and they are getting the tators in the ground now! It is around 80* here, beatuiful weather, nice and warm like I like it!! I am so thankful for Terry's gardening skills. He has been doing this for 15 years. He said much of what he has learned has come from talking with my dad, who is an expert at gardening!!! Of course Terry has learned by "trial and error." If the Lord grants good weather and rain and His blessing, we get good results and I know its the Lord who gives the increase but He uses means such as a man doing the work, tilling and weeding. It is so fulfilling to walk out and pick and then eat it. We try to do all organic gardening but it does give more weeds that way. At the front of the gardening it looks so nice as you see all the rows of dirt and green popping up but later in the season, its sometimes hard to find the plants!! We are looking forward to the increase the Lord grants this year.

This was so funny to me and wanted to share it. Remember back, I think its been several months ago that I said we had three refigerators and one croaked. It was my moms, about 35 years old and really the one I like the best, glasss shelves inside and all. I considered taking it out to the pasture after it died but removing it would leave an ugly space and to move the other one there that we do use would leav a space that looked bad as well, so we justt left it. I even taped the doors shut as I got so tired of people opening it and of course nothing was even it, just irritated me:) All these months of grocery shopping and bringing the food home and cram it into two refriges has been a pain, but we have made it. The other morning I was really praying and asking God to provide a refrig and was getting a little put out that He would not answer and provide one and I was really saying to Him, "what is one less refrig from your storehouse gonna matter?" I do not think I was mad, I was just thinking, "its just one refrig." Yesterday, that old, non working one, that has sat for at least 2 months in the kitchen was resurrected. We have no idea how, but it is running!!! Josh said he heard something that sounded like something taking a breath and Anna came and told me it was running. Sure enough its cold as ever and now we are back in business with three. We were all trying to think "how" it happened and maybe the Lord sent a "handyman angel" to work on it in the night:) I really got a giggle out of it as I told the Lord thank you and maybe He just thought He would show me what He can do!!!! I do not know how long it'll go, but for now "itsa" working!!!

Better go and see if I can help in the garden.........hope you can experiment and see if you have a green thumb!!!!

Caption Winners!!!!

1st Place
"I wonder where they put those keys to the tractor?"

Cheryl on 3/14 at 11:59am
You win the "Spring Box of Goodies"

2nd Place
"Now where did my horse get off to?"
Valerie on 3/14 at 2:21 pm
You win a DVD of Joel's Journey

Everybody did a great job, there were so many "cute" ones! You all make it hard!!! Thanks so much for participating!! The winners need to e-mail me at 13blessings@sbcglobal.net so I can get their addresses and we'll get your prizes to ya!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Everyone is doing a "good job" with the Caption Contest, ( see post below) keep it up and we'll see who wins on Tuesday. Winner to be announced at noon central standard time!!!!!

I read a scripture the other day and have been thinking upon it for several days. Luke 17:19-20, There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen and fared sumptuously every day: and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at the gate full of sores. Do you ever just look around and question "life?" Two different people, one fared everyday and the other was laid at the gate everyday. I know for me, in my fleshly sinful thoughts, I get mad that some seem to "fare" so well and seem to sail through life without a tear in their sail, they seem to have never "laid at the gate." And then lets quickly get to the end of the story, the one that fared on earth did not fare so well in the end and the one that laid at the gate received full recompense in the end. Jesus said on his way to Jerusalem that he must suffer first. One way to have fellowship with the Lord is to enter into sufferings, that I might know him and the fellowship of his sufferings......to be laid at the gate.

Like I heard a mom say and I felt this myself before I heard her say it, even if God were to give me an answer as "why," what answer would be good enough for my mommy heart. "I think I would still argue," she said and I would too. I do not want to be bitter at God or others who have not had trials, I am going to be asking the Lord to remove any seeds that could be springing up in my heart. Sunday's seem to be a harder day than other days. To slow down and to see families all gathered together and as our own family gathers at church, he is not here with us and it is more noticeable to my heart. I find myself more teary. It's kinda like my "file cabinet" got dumped out and scrambled up and as I lay in bed Sunday evening, I was crying and really sad with the Lord. I know its momentarily and I will by his grace put all the "files" back into the right category, like this is for my good, all his works are done in truth and righteousness and all the great truths that stabilize my heart but for a moment I have to allow the emotions to unleash. You know it in your head but I have to continually to make it effective to my heart and the way you do that is, you go back to the basics of who God is, his character, his person, his words! A mommy will always miss and long for their child, its wrought and embedded in my heart, you never get "over" this, you just walk through it by his grace. There is never a point that that you arrive at this place of a "grieving summit" and from their you got it all together and you skip on along. As long as the enemy is still on the loose, the teller of lies will seek to rob and try to steal those bedrock truths from my heart that I hang on to, so the path ahead is a difficult one but One is mightier than the enemy and He will be my Guide. I like to think of the picture of us as parents and all that we would and want to do for our children, how much we love them, how we would give our very lives for them, how we want the very best for them, how much more is it so for us and the Father of our souls. I already feel better than how my whole day went on Sunday. I also need to be careful as to not be like Martha and be "cumbered about" with cares of getting things so ready for people that gather at our home on Sunday evenings. I am an organizer and I like things to be just "so." All of my woes just tell me how much I need Christ, I need him each day, each moment.....Oh, Lord, I am a beggar before your throne!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Caption Contest !!!

We have made it....one more day, Lord willing and the guys will be home!! Surprisingly we have been pretty busy and occupied. We were suppose to get our chicks early this morning but somehow they did not arrive at the Post Office. I decided to try to track them down, thinking if they were in OKC, I could pick them up myself. They were shipped out on Wed. and arriving on Sat. would make it a day longer than normal and I hated to loose some because of their need for warmth and food. I called OKC and it ended up being a glitch on their part, they did not put them on the truck. The guy was so nice and really went out of his way to find a way to get them to the Post office near us. Since I was shopping, I could not pick them up, so Dave and Kate were my mediators, which I am so thankful that they could do this!!! As of this evening, it looks like one so far is on its death bed:( They do give extras so it will not cut into the 150 that we ordered. Bethany should have some baby goats by the weekend as well!!

Dinner is over, kitchen cleaned, evening coffee enjoyed and now the children are watching a movie for Friday night fun! I got a new game and we are going to play it after the movie.

Big news...... Mercy announced all on her own Wed. that she needed to go to the "potty." I know its long overdue but I just have not been motivated for many reasons. Joel and Josiah were fully trained before their third birthday. Reasons being.....it is somewhat an emotional thing as I think this could be our last one in diapers and I have been buying diapers for 21 and 1/2 years!!! The ones before Mercy were of course Joel and Josiah and I remember all the sweet and trying memories of training them, Josiah actually got it first and Joel was a tad behind him. I remember Josiah recieved a holster and pistol for doing his big stuff!!! As I look at those "tiny" little undies of Mercy's, it brings tears, Joel had lost quite a bit of weight and he was wearing the size 2T like Mercy, he was so little. Its hard to think that this could very well be the last of an era that I have known near all our married life. I am glad in a way she seems to be training so easily, its just another thing I have to say good-by to, and I do not like saying good-byes. This probably sounds unusual but for a grieving heart, sometimes its strange things that can start the tears flowing. She has had some funny things to say about it all and that does make my heart happy!!! To see her sitting up their on the pot with her little legs crossed at the knee and making such a "loverly"smirk is quite the scene! I love that little girl!!

Well....I thought we might do another "Caption Contest." Since Mercy is kinda the topic here, I found this picture and thought it offered a lot of options. We'll let the contest run through until Tuesday, the 17th at noon central time and and I'll post the winner!! Again, you can give as many as you like but remember no anonymous and the family here will be the judges! The winner will recieve a "Spring Box" of things, bright and fun!! I look forward to your creativity, you did so well last time!! Have Fun!!!

Blessings to your weekend!! A praise report with the Lockwood family, the baby is here and mommy is doing well. Pray the Lord will give a quick recovery and He will continue to strengthen and nourish baby Samuel!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thou Art......

Yesterday we had an "Adventurous Day" with Katelyn, our newlywed neighbor. Kate came over in the morning and spent the whole day with us as her hubby had business to tend to! She even brought stuff to make "Adventure Sandwiches" for the children, which consisted of peanut butter, honey and sliced bananas. I do not think they would eat those for me, so I"ll just have to call them that next time. We had a fun day of talking, looking at photo albums, folding clothes, peeling wallpaper off, helping with goat chores, playing a game, which Kate is an extraordinary actor, some more talking and of course acting silly and then she and Anna made a giant plate of cookies and then we had dinner and then Dave arrived, we fed him and they headed out!! What I appreciate about Dave and Katelyn is the fact that they feel so comfortable in our home, its really like having two more children.....they just act like they belong here and that makes me happy!!

This morning I was reading Ps. 71. Throughout this Ps are these words. Thou art my rock and my fortress, thou art my hope, thou art my trust, thou art he that took, thou art my strong refuge. I brought all these words to the Lord as a way to praise Him, it drives my fleshy reasoning's away and replaces it with His person, His ways and His comforts to my heart. Thou art He that took Joel but Thou art he who will be my hope and trust. Thou art he who will be my refuge when I feel so weak with tears, thou art he that will be my rock when I feel like I am sinking in the emotions, thou art he that will be my fortress where I can hide from the enemy's darts of "God wasn't fair."

One of my weakness is I am not a good communicator face to face, it is easier for me to write. So this is to my sons, but in principle I think it can be applied to my daughters as well. I think it would be safe to say that every morning I pray three things (and more, but these three along with the other things) I pray for that the Lord would prepare their fields in providing land for them, that the Lord would provide godly wives for them and that the business that they are in with their father would be a means for them to provide for their own families. I think this is a right prayer, one that should be prayed and I will continue to pray but this morning as I read in Luke 14:16-24. I was amazed at what I read and how it specifically spoke of these three things, land, cattle (likely could draw that this could be a business) and a wife. Its a parable of the great supper and the master bid them to Come; for all things are now ready (v.17) There are excuses given, I have bought a piece of ground, and must needs go and see it: I pray thee have me excused, and another said, I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them: I pray thee have me excused, and the last one said, I have married a wife, therefore I cannot come. Like I said all three of these things are excellent and good but what I desire to communicate is this, the first priority is to be ready to Come when the Master calls to be making yourselves ready for the kingdom through diligence in seeking Him in His word, through slaying the lusts of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, to learn of Him who loved selflessly and sacrificially. My point being here is, to even more so than your doing now, is to encourage you to seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and the Lord said he will add all these things unto you being the land, success and being able to provide for your families and a wife. It really spoke to me because I have been praying for these three things specifically instead of praying specifically for you to seek His kingdom first, so I was convicted that I need to order my prayer aright and the Lord will add unto you these wonderful and beautiful delights of your hearts. I love you my sons, all 9 and desire the Lord to do mighty works in and through you, may you seek Him first!!!

Agenda today.....Working wednesday again!!!! Clean house, do some school, get Duffy at the groomer, finish up working on Mercy's Creative Memory album, fix dinner, Andrew keep the wood stove going as it is cold again, do my walking on the treadmill, I am still doing it but its tough, I have to make myself get on it but I am always glad the task is accomplished!!

The guys are in Texas doing a job, Dave and Kate are right here to take care of us.....so do not fear !!!! I better go, Josiah needs major assistance, Mercy came and told me "he's acting foolish!!"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Privelege Agony......

I have two words that describe perfectly this trail......." Privilege Agony." It encompasses both aspects of what I feel. Yes there are so many privileges, I am privileged to be Joel's mommy, to have him here with us 3 years, 4 months and 10 days, I am privileged to have had a wonderful preg and home birth, to have so many sweet memories of him as he enjoyed his family and farm, but also I am privileged to be able to give back my "alabaster box," that which is so precious, to the One who is worthy. The agonies still exist, the tears, the pain in my heart of missing him, of everyday when I see Josiah doing this or that, knowing Joel would be right there doing it too! Thank you Lord for the priveleges and have mercy upon the agony.

Mercy's 3rd birthday is next week, the 19th and Andrew's 13th birthday is on the 21st. I do have some ideas so that is a relief. Somewhere amidst 13 childrens birthdays you have to overlap on ideas and I am going to borrow from Joel and Josiah's first birthday for Mercy....A "Farm Baby Party!" Since we are getting our chicks this week and suppose to have baby goats in a few days and it just seems like a Mercy party, we'll go with it!! I have to tell you I have so many thoughts and feelings as she gets closer to her 3rd BD, Lord willing. I am ever so thrilled and thankful to get to do a 3 year old again, I think the age 3 is my favorite, I love the ability they have to communicate and still the needing of mommy! I love the personality and expressions that come with the talk and telling of play and adventures they have, I love the way they can now communicate love to others. Mercy was laying in the bed with me the other night and I told her "I loved her sooo much," I was trying to communicate to her "how much," and so she did the same with me, her biggness of expression of love was, " I love you 2 1/2!!!" I feel so blessed to be able to hold and touch a 3 year old again, it will bring sweet and tender memories of a three year old litle boy. I am having such vivid memories of Joel and Josiah's 3rd birthday, it was so perfect, we were a big happy family,( still are) Joel, so happy and healthy, not a trace of anything, to think in about 3 weeks after his birthday the unknown fevers began and then all that came after. Life can change in a matter of seconds. I am just "feeling" the 3rd year of Joel through Mercy's approaching birthday and its a happy and sad feeling. Always needing His grace in the joys and in the sorrow.

It's late/early isn't it? I got up to check the weather and make sure it was just thundertorms and not tornadoes!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Bull !!!!

Today was the BIG BULL SALE!!! The Express Ranch had 500 of these guys to sell today. The first bull they sold was over $100,000, and that was only half possession as they call it, we let the other rancher have that one........heheheh, that's a BIG joke!!!! They had several of these kind, some more of their Champion ones went for $65,000, $50,000. Many went for $10,000-$20,000 and then they started getting them down to the $3000 range and under. Elijah got him a good one I think, it will make some calves anyway and thats what we want!!!! It was a fun day, a beautiful day for the little ones to get out and run around when they got tired of sitting. Hosie said, "why dosen't that man just talk normal so we can understand him," speaking about the auctioner!!!! This Express Ranch operation is a major deal. Anna got her heifer there last year and we like the livestock they produce, but we are just "peons" compared to the "big wig ranchers" that were there from all over. I'll have to post a picture of the new guy later.....he is wwwwiiiilllllddddd in the trailer!!!!!!!!

Now gotta go figure out what to feed these hungry rustlers!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thorns and Brambles.....

I have often thought of having an invited writer, one who "knows" us and would "tell it like it is," give you the real scoop, but I doubt they would, they would likely tell you nice things and such. I sometimes tremble as I write here to the sometimes 3,ooo, (sometimes less) that look and read into our lives each week, but I really get wobbly knees as I think about the 13 people that really know me and read this (ones who can read it) because its would seem easier to write and let you all read the goody stuff compared to writing here and then allowing what I write to be what I live and my own family either say its true by His grace or they chuckle and sneer under their breath! I have 26 eyeballs on me and somedays they still see a lot of "thorns and brambles." I am just as you, a sinner saved by grace seeking to live each day in and by His grace and sometimes I squelch the "grace." This morning I read several verses that convicted my heart, especially of a particular little situation that happened yesterday. Anna had a beautiful idea of being generous and she mentioned it to me and I just gave all kinds of excuses of why not to do it. I felt justified in my "mommy answer." This morning I read in Luke 6:44, For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. (45) A good man out of good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for out of the abundance of the heart the his mouth speaketh. You see I saw this morning that I have a lot of thorns and brambles in my heart because I did not let the abundance of figs and grapes flow generously to this idea that Anna had. It showed me that I spoke and responded with a heart that is not generous and giving and how I need more of Him and less of me so that my response will be, "that is such a thoughtful idea and sure lets do that." I need for the thorns and bramble to be replaced with rich flowing fruit dripping with His grace to do the things that please Him and my heart needs treasures that come from Him that I might have the abundance to be generous to others as He has been to me! Lord, I need YOU, I want to be real to my family and live a life that is true to the words I write and then as you allow to be a light to those beyond my walls here!!

Cleaning day here.....how does it get so dirty???? The guys are out doing some work, payed work, which is good!! Not much else here. Doing all the daily things, laundry, some school, fix dinner, and of course play!!!

Thanks for knowing I still need Him as desperatley as YOU!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guess Who?????/

Guess who said this.......Whereby shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years. And this one...... How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? I know you likely got the answers right.......Zacharias and then Mary, the mother of Jesus. I thought it was so interesting that just as we often respond after we might have been given a task from the Lord, or maybe He wants us to do something or maybe there is something we are facing that is very difficult, challenging, or maybe we have a great need, or maybe we have a great desire and we, like these two folks question "how" can this impossible situation possibly be or work out or come to pass or be answered? Mary and Zacharias really responded no differently than ordinary people like us, they could not initially see how it could be. They used their own reasoning's to try to figure out how an extraordinary thing was going to take place. We sometimes use excuses of "how can I do this?" or "will God come through?" or any number of things we have slipped in for an answer and to not comply and just believe and trust and wait and pray! I know for me, there seems like a mountain of "impossibilities." How can it all work out, where will the finances come from, when will it happen and many more questions with the childrens futures and their mates for life and their ground being prepared and supporting their families. But on down in that chapter of Luke is the answer to all of our delima's, Luke 1:37, For with God nothing shall be impossible. The key is, "with God." I was encouraged as these two people, Mary and Zacharias faced an impossiblity in their eyes but the Lord brought it to pass and they were just ordianary folks like me and you!! Let's be encouraged in each of our situations......with God it is possible, according to His will :)

Ever busy around here, The guys are here this week, first time this year they have had a week with no work. Next week they have work and there are bids out, just waiting for confirmation on those or not. They have been busy with other things, Terry is working on taxes, ugh!!! Caleb and Daniel have been doing some music stuff and today they are helping a friend work on his house here in the area. David and Kate came for dinner last night and of course that is always an adventure. You see, we have "two" areas that we try to outdo each other in, the first is, pulling off an adventure, and the other one is for me and Terry only, seeing who can kiss their wife the most!! Of course Terry and I are WAY ahead of them by about 22 years but they are sure getting with the program!! I told them to come over for and "Adventure Meal!" The adventure idea is to do something that is unknown or try to anyway, so I cooked fish and stuff to go with it. When they got here I told them at one time it had been slimey and had big eyeballs.....they guessed and got it right.....fish!! They did pull off a little adventure in the house as they hid something and we had to try to find it and figure it out. It's crazy with them!!! Anna is fixing dinner tonight, her famous home made spagetti sauce and a new roll it looks like and I think she is doing a salad. Towards the end of the week Elijah and Anna are going to a HUGE Bull sale in the OKC area and the rest of us are going as well. It will be an all day affair. David and Kate are going with us too!!

Please keep the Lockwood family in your prayers as I have mentioned them here many times, Jaynee is now in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy. She is 31 weeks and praying the little fellow can stay in a little longer and pray for a safe delivery via surgery for them.

Blessings to you all.....