Tuesday, September 15, 2009

up, up and away........

watching the balloons go "up!!"

We were able to "send up" the balloons to Joel! I love to see Siah's face, the wonder he shows. Mercy was delighted!!! From last year to this year he has not changed a whole lot. The 2007 birthday, the first one without Joel, he looks so little. Reminds me of how little Joel really was and the battle he had to endure. This month is Pediatric Cancer Month. At the least, pray for all these children that are still in the battle, like Silas, I mentioned him several posts back. There is also a 5 yr old little girl named Kate who has a brain tumor. So many little ones. I read a bout a fellow who is now 20 years old but at age 6 and 7 he was dx with neuroblastoma (same as Joel) and has had times of no disease and now it has returned.

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Katie said...

Cindy ~

Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. Do you release balloons each year in honor of Joel? What a wonderful idea. I love the Willow Tree idea as well.