Thursday, September 24, 2009

anna is 17 !!!!

Once upon a time, in the far away place of Oklahoma, from whence we once lived, a sweet little baby girl was born, Anna Ruth! All pink an rosie and with golden fuzzies atop her beautiful head, she was ushered into her tiny little palace in the city where dwelled the King, speaking of the father, the Queen, speaking of the mother and amongst the court were three adventerous brothers and one sister of whom desired to embellish her new sister with hugs and kisses! The sweet princess Anna was most pleased to be held, enjoyed her nourishing times with the Queen, speaking of the mother, and was "swung" in a swing with delight until she would go to sleep. And this I say was the ONLY way this little sweet baby would sleep. The days ahead were of happiness and adventure. Now upon the arrival of the age of 10 months, the Palace was tossed into shambles because of the weariness of the Queen, speaking of the mother who had for these 10 months desired this little sweet baby Anna to sleep through the night. The King, speaking of the father and the Queen, speaking of the mother slipped away to a conference which held books and tapes and all sorts of wonderful and valuable treasures. As the Queen, speaking of the mother, was strolling and beholding the merchandise, the King, speaking of the father came with gifts in his hand to bear to the Queen. Looking upon the treasuries, the Queen, speaking of the mother could not begin to fathom why the King had bought some tapes on "Parenting!!" But as the King, speaking of the father said "we needed some Royal Guidance!" Settling back in to the Palace days, the Queen, speaking of the mother decided to try these treasuries out on her sweet daughter, Anna. For three nights you could hear echoes of a sad little girl throughout the palace hallways as she now was being trained to sleep through the night. Upon the 4th evening of this most notable training, this sweet little girl, layed in her comfy bed and had sweet dreams and slept soundly the whole night. Now throughout the palace the king, speaking of the father, the Queen, speaking of the mother, the three adventurous brothers and the sister who embellished her sweet Anna with kisses and hugs slept "happily ever after!!"

Anna is 17 today!! They are all growing up on me!!! I am so grateful to Anna, her spirit of serving is prominent if your around her for any time. She continually makes and serves the guys wonderful desserts. She has been doing laundry since she was 6 years old! She also enjoys being with her younger siblings. If you do not know this about her, "she loves cows too!!!" The pictures at the top are of her and our cows!!! I am grateful too for her diligence to spend time with the Lord. Each morning she reads, but not only that, she digs into more than the scriptures, she is searching and looking in other resources for valuable truths.

She is our our princess with "golden hair," but more than that she is a princess of the Great King. She is seeking the Lord, preparing and preserving her heart for the "Prince Charming" that the Lord has for her.

Happy Birthday Anna!!!

She gets a special treat, her grandfather, Paps came for the party today!!!!!


Hannah B. said...

Hey Anna, happy 17th birthday!! You are lovely inside and out! :) May the Lord draw you ever closer to His heart as you seek His will and ways this next year.

Love ya girl!

-stephanie- said...

What a beautiful girl. So happy that the fairy tale had a happy ending. Happy 17th Birthday Anna.

Cynthia said...

Beautiful pictures!

Leanne said...

She's such a beautiful girl...

She looks like a joy to be around.

Those pictures are really good.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE those pictures of you, Corrie!! Wonderfully beautiful!! You are so pretty! Happy birthday!! (again and again!)

Love the fairy tale, Mrs. Morris! Great job! (hey, Anna, kind of sounded like my "ramblings", huh? :)

Danielle said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS ANNA!!!! :) You look so beautiful in the pictures! :) Love yoU!

Mountain Mama said...

Very sweet story of the princess and her Royal Court.

Happy Birthday, Anna! Hope your day was special and we pray that this year you will be drawn even closer to the Lord. Have a blessed year!!

Cindy, I think i might hire you to throw a party for one of us. So fun and creative you are!

Teena said...

I agree you could throw a party for us! So creative.

Happy Birthday, Anna! You are beauitful. May the Lord continue to grow you...