Sunday, September 13, 2009

josiah's "brave knight" party pictures

Hear ye, Hear ye, Sir Josiah Daniel Morris celebrated his 6th birthday with a "Brave Knight Party!!" He proved his knighthood with swift opening of gifts, his bravery was valiant as he courageously played games and his hunger was manly as he devoured "Belfry Burgers and Dragon Dogs."

Sir Joel Caleb Morris, our Knight already in shinning armour, is in the presence of our great King, enjoying pleasures forever until the rest of his court arrives in the Kingdom of God!!

The Royal Party began with Siah opening his gifts upon his throne. Princess Mercy approached the throne with his gifts!! On their birthday I have been purchasing the Willow Tree figurines for Joel's memory and Josiah gets to open it. This time I found a little boy holding a dog. It reminded me of Joel's love for the farm animals. He would go forth with bravery around the animals, feeding them and all!!! Josiah was pleasantly surprised with a Playmobile Castle!! We had him close his eyes as Micah and Andrew brought it in. He leaped off the table in great excitement!!! As you will see Dave and Kate came through once again with attire fit for a Knight!! How does he do it???? I got the Belfry Burgers and Dragon Dogs underway on the grill and we had Dragon Scales (chips) as Sir Josiah's request! We had Palace Potion/sweet tea, Ale/white grape juice with club soda for drinks. For desserts we had, Shield Cake, Castle Cookies and Royal Knight Bars. The lion on the cake was fun to make, I ran a picture off from the internet, put it under wax paper and then traced around it with melted choc chips in a pastry bag then froze it and after a bit, took it out and filled in the area with the rest of the choc chips and put in back in the freezer and later peeled it off the wax paper and it was like a lion candy bar!! We played some games and several of them would have been considered outside ones but we made it happen inside!! One was Slay the Knight, taking a sword and dabbing it in red paint and stabbing the sword on the pictures that Bethany drew of a knight and getting closest to the heart. Pretty gory I guess, but for boys....a big hit!!! We had a jousting game, taking the swim noodles and running and trying to put the noodle through as many rings as you could. Another was, Defending the Castle. I had a small electric bubble machine, so one at a time took his sword and sought to protect the castle by slaying the enemies attack. And the last one was Ball and Chain. Caleb, Daniel and Elijah were dungeon dudes, check their clothes out!!!!!! The little knights had to burst the balloon on their ankles and free them. If we had more room this one would have been more fun if the guys could have run around and the little ones chase them!!! Oh, well, it worked. I did move alot of the furniture out of the LR!! The castle was neat to have for the atmosphere. The guys did a great job helping me!! I 'll put it outside now and they can play with it. I 'll post some pictures of it later on, its been raining for days and the week ahead looks wet too!!

Terry delivered a blessing in letter form to Siah and charged him to seek the Lord and he also wrote a letter to Joel.....we miss him so!!!! We always send "up" balloons to Joel, but it was raining and could not do it.....I was disappointed but we'll just do it today!

I guess you see Terry was the king, I the Queen, we had several Fair Maidens, Princesses, very brave knights and some "ole dungeon guys!!" What ever did they do to get thrown in????? It was so fun, I just love putting parties on!! I did get a few good bargains, the fabric for the hats and the tunics were on the scrap racks or 1/2 off the already on sale price. I found shields and helmets at the Dollar Tree, and I got some stuff at the thrift store, the plate chargers, candle holders and my dress :) I did buy the little guys their Knight outfits but they were only $12.50 each, and they will use them to pretend. Great time together and memories made!!!

A lot of pictures......enjoy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY!!! Cindy, you've outdone yourself once again. Every detail is just perfect! What wonderful memories for the children. do you get the energy...?!? Chanks for sharing Josiah's party, it helps keep me inspired for the next party!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant Thanks not Chanks, haha! and it posted before I signed my name...

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Okay you are super mom and how special for the kids!!! I mean it is like suspense every time you are saying you are getting ready for a bday party!!! Just awesome and fun!!! Oh and I can never wait to see what that fun neighnor Dave is gonna wear..... you guys are so neat. I liked the big cookie with Josiah and Joel's name. I just know with all my being that little boy talks to Jesus about his mom and I know Jesus shares about the love you still carry for him. I just know it. You are a special lady and your children are blessed. GREAT PARTY!!!!

Blessed said...

Hi Cindy. Your blog was recommended to me by my good friend Susan Gentry, who you might know from her own blog about her son Nathan who died of neuroblastoma. I am so sorry for the loss you are feeling even more strongly this week, but love how you are so naturally keeping Joel with the family in spirit--and you made me cry with your confidence that he is already earned his place at the side of the King. Amen, sister!

I have been following your blog for only a few weeks, but already God has used your words to convict, encourage, and inspire me. Thank you! Seeing the images from this amazing birthday party made my day--and reminded me of my purpose today: to live and love fully.

Lisa aka "Blessed"

Laura said...

Wow! You really go all out for birthdays! I don't know how you do it. And you look slender and young. :)

We just found out that we're expecting Baby #6, and we're so excited!! I know I've said this before, but we hope and pray that we'll be in your shoes one day. Mercy is one of my favorite names if we have a girl. :)

Danielle said...

Just LOVE the pictures!!! Wow, we all need to have a party together now that we got outfits that match! ;) Besh and Anna, you make lovely princesses! ;) (You should wear dresses more often) :D :D :D

Happy Birthday Siah!

Marie said...

Oh my word!! I just love you guys! I wish I lived as close as Dave and Kate. I really do!


Teena said...

Oh Cindy I am a little late getting here....

How awesome! I love how you go all out for your parties and this one was especially wonderful. I love it all. I love the cake w/ Joel & Josiah's name...the outfits. I love the willow figurines too... How very special.

I am thinking ans praying. Even though I was late seeing the were on my mind the whole weekend! Thanking God for JOEL's LIFE...and your testimony. Happy Birthday Joel & Josiah!


Janet said...

Oh my! What a lot of fun you all had. As I have said before, your theme parties amaze me and I just LOVE how your family do this altogether! What a lucky little Knight!

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blueview said...

I just found your blog. I am so impressed with the great birthday party, nice tie in with the action figure and castle, along with costume, props, the table setting, I love the idea of the big guys being prisoners. Thank you for posting. I now have a huge head start on my boys party. Also, I am very sorry your family has experienced the lost of a child. Love to you and to the children.

Nat said...

Hi Cindy, I just stumbled across your blog while looking for ideas for a Knights party for my 7 yr old. I love all the things you did for Josiah and Joel's birthday party. And I loved seeing how you've included Joel each year. I also have a son and angel born the same day, although a year apart - my rainbow was born on his Heavenly brother Sebastian's first birthday in Sept 2012, so its good to see how you've included Joel too, as I have yet to celebrate Malachi's first birthday and Seb's 2nd. Thank you for sharing Joel with us.