Friday, September 4, 2009

tree of life



The Lord brings opportunities like this verse says in Romans, knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope. I have "experienced" a toddler dying! So from my experience I can be like John the Baptist (in a sense) I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, I can tell these other mothers "the same was in the beginning." That the "Same" Jesus that has helped me will help them, the Same Jesus that helped David as he grieved his child, the Same Jesus that told Rachel "to refrain thy voice from weeping," (Jer. 31) as her toddler was slaughterd in Herod's day will help them, the Same Jesus that was in the beginning of their trial is the Same God of your trial. I can not give them all the answers of "why," I can not answer that in my own trial, I have to rest on truth and know its for His glory and my good. I can not give them the "tree of knowledge," but I can tell them, point them, share with them about the "tree of life." Even though the grief is always at my heels, I do have hope and that is what I feel compelled to tell these other mothers that I have come in contact with over these last few weeks, tell them from my experience about the "tree of life!!" As I have passed through the "valley of Baca," making wells and filling them with tears, others come behind us and can find hope from our experiences. A question to ask, "what kind of wells are you digging? what are we filling our wells with? Are the full of hope to share with others? Are they full of Who has brought us through the valley? Or are our wells full of things that will not last for eternity, treasures of this world? What kind of "experiences/trials" is the Lord placing before you? I hope you will have opportunities to share the "tree of life" with others.

Joel's rose bush unfolded a bit more today. What a wonder it is in that the Lord is allowing it to come forth with one coming in full bloom and the other a bit behind.

The kitchen is busy today. we are preparing lunches for the visit with the family tomorrow whose children are going to practice with ours and then play/sing Sunday evening. Also doing some church meal prep. Tonight will be the first Friday in I can not remember when that Dave and Kate have not been here to eat and play VB. They have other plans. What will we do????:( Anna is making her yummy enchilada's and I know we'll play VB ourselves. Last night some went to a Red Hawk game so tonight will not be as adventurous!!

Terry's sister and children left yesterday morning, good time, although I think they caught a cough from some of ours and we sent Tami away with orange toenails!!!! My favorite color for toenails!!!!

I guess it worked out for Elijah, Bethany and Andrew to head to San Angelo to the goat sale. Pray they have safety, if you think of it!

Better run.....need to run to the store for Anna some ingredients.

Happy weekend!!


Becky said...

Are Bethany and them just going to the regular Tuesday sheep and goat sale at Producers in San Angelo? Or are they having a special sale somewhere? We live 35 miles from San Angelo.

The Morris Family said...

Hi Becky,
they are actually going to the sale at the fairgrounds in San Angelo, and I have no idea teh address, but it starts at 7 pm this evening, (Sat)
Go check them out!!!


Becky said...

No I missed the comment until this afternoon(Sunday). I wish I had checked yesterday evening though, as I would have loved to go see them. I know where the fairgrounds are.