Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a night out.....

Can you believe Terry and I went out to eat last night??? I think the last time was our anniversary last Nov. Its not because HE does not want to, probably more of, time and planning and $$. To be honest, I do not like to eat out often, it takes the excitement out of it! We went to a Mexican restaurant that I had wanted to go to. I got a Taco salad, the "light portion." :) Terry got way more than he could eat and then we got a phone call and the children thought it was only fair if we brought some Blue Bell home because THEY did not get to go. I just had coffee while they were all getting "fat." The exciting news is before Terry and I went out to eat we went to this ranch/western store and ordered two sets of bunk beds for the girls room. You see Hosanna has been sleeping on a baby bed mattress since she was a baby and now she is 7 and obviously way tooo long!!!!! This has been a prayer for a looonnnng time and Terry has been able to scrape enough up to get them. Actually they let us pay half and we'll pay the rest when they get in, they are being built. They are a black distressed paint look, twin over twin and they have big square poles on each corner, and are solid wood. The girls room will be changed to a more western/southwest look. If we ever get the kitchen/dinning add on done, that will be the look there too. Not any more progress on it, but they are hoping to get the roof on before winter. The sides are up with the Build Block. We'll probably have to board the windows in until we have resources to get the windows but if I can just get some more space, I'll be thrilled, even if its concrete floors and a wall!!!! One thing about our house, it has character and adventure with projects that are under construction as rescources are available!!

This week is falling into a busy week as well. The Tulsa State Fair is this weekend. Bethany will be showing the dairy goats on Friday. She'll go up on Thursday to get them ready. On Saturday she has plans to go to a big sale where she hopes to find that Boer buck she needs very soon for breeding. The Boer show at the fair on Saturday went ok. She placed 4th in one class and 2nd in another class. The Boer competition is so stiff and soooo many goats in the classes. We were happy she got anything, so many did not!!

I am here with Siah and Mercy, the rest (not the guys) are over at the neighbors riding horses. Great weather for trail rides. Did I ever tell you I use to be a cow gal? I rode in barrels and poles in my teen days. My dad would haul me all over, from show to show. It was fun, alot of memories, so horses are a part of my past. We've had horses here on our little farm but decided to forgo them as not much you can get OUT of them like goats, cows and raising chickens for meat.

As I finished up reading in the book of Haggai, I read a verse that did not have to do with sorrow and grieving but was one of those as I have mentioned in previous posts on encouraging our older sons as they prepare for their futures.

Is the seed yet in the barn? yea, as yet the vine, and the fig tree, and the pomegranate, and the olive tree, hath not brought forth: from this day will I bless you.
Haggai 2:19

First, a question to our sons, " is the seed yet in the barn?" Are you preparing? Are you seeking daily in prayer, reading the scriptures, seeking to bring your thoughts captive, keeping the covenant with your eyes? In doing all these things, you are putting seed in the barn. As you hear teaching from your father and as you serve others in your family, your putting seed in your barn. Right now is a time for you to gather in wisdom, understanding of how you will lead your family. The scripture says there is fruit to be had, and it will come in due time. Its like you sow now of keeping yourselves pure, awaiting for your bride and the blessing will come, the reaping. Quite a bit to meditate upon, so "is the seed in the barn yet?" Oh, and the picture goes well with this thought!!!!!

I read one more that I am going to pray for Siah and for Joel's story and life. And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame...... (Obadiah v.18) I am praying that Siah would be saved soon in his life and he would be "fire" for the Lord all his days and even though Joel is no longer here, I am praying that his little life would continue to be a "flame" ever burning and glowing of how precious life is and that the Lord would grant his story to go forth and be a flame for Him!!!

Our fall garden is doing really, really well!!! We have sooo many tomatoes and they are actually bigger now, I am making salsa today! The plants are like 7 1/2 feet tall!!! We are eating fresh green beans. Terry picked one row and provided so many, he still had several more rows to pick. The squash is going crazy as well. Thankful for the extra provision!!!

Oh, taste and see the Lord is good, his Word is so filling and rich.......may you taste it too!!!


Leanne said...

The garden sounds like it's going well...here in the NW, we're probably not going to be able to get the tomatoes off my folks's plants, due to the first frost hitting soon. But we're having a large garden next year!

The bunk beds sound great, you'll have to post before and after pics!??

Take care.....Peace be to you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you...

So true about our sons...


Anonymous said...


Also so true about our sons..

Love hearing all about your days. Encouraging. Hugs


The Lockwood Family said...

We finally got internet back at home here this weekend. I've missed "checking in" on you all. And as much as I love seeing pictures of you all and catching up on your daily happenings, I espcecially love each time you share from your heart what the Lord is teaching you.
You remind me of Spurgeon...in a feminine way of course :)...I have his morning/evening devotions and I am often so blessed as I read them. I always read the verse at the top of the page and then am always amazed how he pulls so much out of that verse. You do the same! Isn't God so good to give us His Word!?? And how rich it is! Neverending depth!
I'm missing fall. I always try to focus extra hard on all my blessings as I can tend to get "bummed" as I think of all the changing seasons back at "home". At least it's predictable here....hot, hot, and humid. :)
Oh, the Lord is so good! Daniel just got back from the villages...a man who mocked him after he witnessed to him got run over by a car Sunday and died. A lady wept today over hurts and not understanding GOd. How great the needs...How great the Saviour!
You're in my thoughts and prayers often! Tell everyone hi from the Lockwoods!

The Morris Family said...
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