Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1st place !!!

****show update!! 8:20 pm, they just finished showing 4 goats in one class, we got 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th place!!!!! Terry showed the 2nd place winner!!! And there were 13 in this class, Bethany said that was big class for a dairy class!!!!*****

Let me say first of all, that Anna did NOT take these pictures!! I did!! She was a bit under the weather and decided to stay home today hoping to feel better tomorrow as we go up and Dave and Kate go with us!!

Yeah !!!! for Bethany, she placed 1 st in her class. A class of 4 but nevertheless, she was the winner!! This is one of the does Bethany had flown in last year, bred her and this is her first freshening, that means she has had a baby and is a milk goat. Great opportunities ahead for this doe as she matures. The show was suppose to start at 11 am, but was delayed until after lunch. I arrived home around 5pm but the show is still going. It will be late because of the delay. Bethany had several more classes with younger does. I was praying that the Lord would give Bethany a reward for all her hard work that she pours into this operation and He granted it, thank you Lord!!

The little ones had to ride the FREE tractors again! Mercy could do it this year. We walked over to the building to check on Anna's photos. She got 5th place in one of the categories she entered!!! I did not count the amount of photos in that particular category, but there could have been 50 or more. The picture was one of the baseball players kneeling on the field she took when we went to a game at Bricktown Ball Park. She entered 11 photos on-line but when she took the photos down, there was a mix up on how they should be matted on black, she overlooked the size and had it wrong. As she was standing in line a woman told her she did not have the right size mat but she had two extra that she gave her, so she was only able to enter two photos that day. I know if she would have had more photos she would have done well!!This was her first year to do this and it was just an overlook of the directions. Oh, well, she entered two and received a ribbon for one, good record:)

Working on getting lunch and dinner together to take tomorrow. Better go for now!


Vanderpolclan said...

Hi Cindy,

I just wanted to let you know I have been praying for you. I watched Joel's Journey again last night, the 3rd time I've watched it, and pray that our gracious heavenly Father will grant you comfort and strength, knowing you will see Joel again.


Anonymous said...

Good for Bethany!! Also for. Anna! Love the pics.

Praying for all of you.

I will try to email in the next few days.. Explaining more.


Coach Eliya said...

YAY for Besh! And Anna! It's always great when hard work pays off like that. Congratulations!