Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yikes !!!!

**** Terry looked at it and he thinks it was not a copper head....a snake is a snake... but glad it was not***

Remember yesterday I said was planting flowers around the Bistro Patio, right by our driveway, just having a lovely time and even enjoyed sitting there late last night and this morning.......well, I did not know I had a "visitor!!" LOOK at was right there in the flower bed......a copper head and a BIG one!!! This is the biggest copper head we've killed!! Brings back memories of about 11 years ago and I got bit by a copper head on the ankle, not good!! and I had just found out I was pregnant with Josh!! Anyway, this one is history now, the dogs were going crazy and we went out to see and they had it striking at them!!! Andrew took care of it with a new pistol!!!


Beckie Ebling said...

I might have freaked out. Okay... I would have freaked out!!

I just wanted to let you know that a day doesn't go by when I don't think about your family. I am so thankful for my video of Joel's Journey and consider it an honor to be able to lift your family in prayer.

In Him, Beckie

-stephanie- said...

I'm with you, a snake is a snake. UGH!

Teena said...

oh my! Yes we are in the country and I do freak over snakes. I have calmed down a little... but not much!


Marie said...

I'd have to move! Period!


MP said...

I HATE snakes. Where I live we do not have poisenous ones (thankfully) but I still despise them. I have tried to accept them as one of Gods created. I have tried to accept them as helping to keep the mouse population down. But...I can't. They make my chest tighten and my skin crawl. I would rather them be gone. During the summer I see one just about every day. My kids tease me endlessly but they know they can't bring them near me! :-)
I can't believe you have been bitten by one. Ahhh! I am so thankful neither you or your baby were hurt seriously. I am sure it was not a fun road to healing! I get goosebumps thinking about it. Enjoy your bistro, don't let that creature rob you of any of your joy. Hope we get to see pictures.
The Lord Bless you and Keep You!

MP said...

oops...typo, that would "poisonous" ones.


Nikki said...

Oh.....that is just not so great. Brad said he's thankful we don't have copperheads here. He says at least rattlesnakes make noise. The last one we killed never even tried to rattle. I think he was too busy trying to get him a chicken. But I'm with you....a snake's a snake. None look too good to me.

I am amazed that you were bitten by one. I thought once you were bitten it was pretty much imminent death. I knew little about the poisonious ones when we moved here other than knowing they are common. Now I know more than I really want to! But amazingly we have met los of people here that have actually been bitten by rattlesnakes and been LOTS of pain for awhile but fine in the end.

Mountain Mama said...

OH MY!! No more gardening for me. I would be done. Hopefully it didn't have any friends or babies.
Be careful!!

Loved reading your sweet moment and conversation with Mercy. Precious!!