Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take me out to the Ballgame......but not when its raining!!!

Our Saturday was filled with alot of work around here, mowing, trimming up, and Terry did major garden work, tilling and looks like a garden that was given to a man and he is doing as told " to till it and keep it." We are looking forward to the continued reapings as was sown bountifully. The surrounding yard and around the house is ready for fun, food, fellowship, homemade ice cream, burgers, cokes, watermelon Lord willing on Monday, Memorial Day with friends David and Kate and the Wilson family!!! A lot of volley ball is on the schedule, I hope they are all ready to "git worn out!!"

Saturday was quite an "adventure" as we headed to the OKC Bricktown ballpark to catch a game of Texas Tech and Texas A&M. We got there in good time, even to see a bit of the Sooners. We were about 30 minutes from the opening pitch and here comes an announcement of delay from bad weather. Torrential rain, thunder and lightening hit like crazy. Mercy was screaming "I want to go home!!!" Hosie and Josiah were clutching big peoples legs and grasping for arms that would hold them. We scooted under the paviolion and were still getting wet form the high wind bringing the rain upon us. We waited 1 1/2 hours before the game begun. We seem to get ourselves in quite the prediciments! It was a very late night to say the least!!

Sunday morning our dear friends Dave and Katelyn went to home church with us, of course its always fun to be with them and extra special to worship as a body of Christ together!! Before we went we had to get some "couple pictures." Mrs. "B" will be proud of our OSU attire:) It just happened that we both own something orange!!!

Tonight, Sunday evening we are still doing our evening fellowship with several families. We play awhile, Terry teaches from the 1689 Confession of Faith and then we have food!!!


eje said...

Say Hello to Dave and Katelyn for the Engles. (We met at the Smith's baby shower last year)

It rained at our house too! We were having pizza outside with the Linzeys, and all of a sudden it started to thunder! The little girls wanted some tornados to appear between our house and theirs so they would not have to go home!

Payton Wilson said...

I AM SOOOOO READY FOR THAT VOLLEYBALL!!!!!! :) Can't wait to see ya'll! I'm waiting for my special surprise dessert to come out of the oven!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Two beautiful Godly couples..

CGNarnia said...

That's a great picture of Dave and Katelyn. :-)