Friday, May 15, 2009

Got er' Done!!!!

We got er' done!!! I guess if you have a "weak" stomach, some of these could be too much for ya!! We had David and Kate, our neighbors helping, along with most of the Young family and some of the Southerland family. It all went well. If you want to know step by step here is the info, first you put the chicken in the killing cone and do the job!! Then we hang them up and let the blood drain out, next we spray them off and then take them and dunk them up and down for one minute in 148* water , then they are held on the plucker and then go over to the table and that's where you pull the head off and gut them. After that we put them in the water vats so they do not get rigor mortis for about 20 minutes and the little children pull off any tiny feathers left and clean them up. Lastly I take them inside, scrub the inside out and Anna weighs them, and packages them and they are ready for the freezer!! We sell them for $3.30 a pound, so they were running between $16- $19 per whole chicken. These chickens verses the ones last fall are really nice, good weight and big breasts. Another endeavor accomplished and we are thankful for His goodness upon it even in the dissapoinment of loosing so many!!


Jessica said...

Wow, you all are brave!! :) I don't think I could stomach it :) Keep up the hard work! Blessings-

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for having us come and help, we enjoyed it and are looking forward to next time.
Sarah for the Young Family

Cinnamon said...

I hopped over from the Lockwoods blog. You pictures are too funny~ especially your little girl holding chicken feet :-0 hee hee


Teena said...

Wow, amazing but I know I couldn't. Enjoyed looking at the pics :)