Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Truth and Dirt .....

**** I keep forgetting know our newlywed neighbors David/ alas "The Mav", and Kate/alas "The Mavette", well they are expecting a baby/alas "Mavie." We are so excited for them. They are due in Dec. Its going to be fun watching them grow!!**********

I did not hear from the Lord this morning as I sat on my bed, in the stillness, in the quiet, although that is a place that you can. I heard Him as I was out in the garden. This morning as I stepped out on the front porch and felt the wind gusts billowing and blowing, I knew there was a job to do. Our corn is about a foot high and the wind was beating it up! I headed up to the garden, grabbed a a tool and started pulling the dirt up around the vulnerable plants. I had some other strong helpers, Micah, Andrew and Josh. I sought to convey the truths below to my helpers! We had twelve, 100 foot rows to gird up with dirt that would carry them through the "tempestuous" winds, storm. The dirt was to the corn as the truth of scripture is to our hearts. We will face the tempestuous winds and storms in this life. I know, we have faced one of the greatest "winds" in our lives with our little Joel. What this dirt did for the corn, truth will do to our hearts. You see the corn was getting whacked, tossed, and some of it had all been bent to the ground. The truths of scripture will "carry" us through if we gird it unto and into our hearts, if we allow the truth to be girt about our necks. As we pulled the dirt around the necks of the corn, it strengthened it and the corn stood straight instead of falling over as the tempestuous winds beat upon it. The Lord brought to my mind how we need truth in our heart, we need truth in our minds, we need truth on our lips, we need truth penetrating the very depths of our being and then we can endure come what may. Truths of scripture are our meat to our souls and spirit. Truth sets us free, truth comforts us, it guides us, it convicts us, it keeps us from evil, we can use it to encourage others, it gives us hope, it never changes, fades or diminishes in power. It is vital to our beings as Christians, as believers. This morning was a clear illustration that we will have winds, storms, trials but we must with all diligence, exercise and fortitude "do" something! If we had not gone out there, the corn would have been damaged, it would have become fruitless. I must do unto my heart as we did unto the corn, bring the truth about it, by reading, meditating, speaking it to the children and to others as opportunities arise....then Lord willing, we will be adorned with fruit as the corn come harvest time. It was hard work, we were breathing hard, arms aching, sweat on our brow,blisters on my hands, but desire accomplished is sweet to the soul!! Its incredible how nature lets us hear from the Creator.

Well since "Pop" gave the right answer for what "rod" was I guess we'll have to fix him a special dessert when they come see us in a few weeks:) Rod was a gun!!! Now the movie that this quote was taken from and Mercy picked it up in was " The Photographer." It is a movie that Vision Forum has on their website.

The rose bushes are "dripping" with roses, so beautiful!! They offer a picture of hope, promise, reaping.....I need those reminders daily. I am enjoying their beauty.

The guys are hoping to finish today and clean up tomorrow and Lord willing be DONE with this job and be home soon! The blessings of the resources will be great but they did not come with out hard labor, toil, and challenges. We are grateful for His provision!!

Oh, last night David and Kate came over for dinner, gave us something to do and of course we had to give them an "adventure." The fellow came to get the bull and it was a show, I mean a show!! We do not have a squeeze chute so he had to use rope tactics on about a 1500 pound bull. He ropes all over him and finally brought him to the ground, backed the trailer up to him and then tired ropes to the trailer and winched him in little by little. Finally he was in the trailer and hauled off!!! Now we have to give shots to our gals and bring them back into cycle and we will know for sure they have been bred with our bull.

John- Clay has got he Garden DVD in the works. He sent me an idea for the cover and it is so neat and a fun visual. I think you will be thrilled once again with his work!! Put your $ in a piggy bank so you can get one here before long!!

We have a blue sky today.....I am going to enjoy it!!!


Mav,Mavette... said...

What a splendid illustration with the corn plants! And they are looking quite nice!
"Rod", that was funny! I wonder where that term originated?
Thanks for having us over last night! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend some time with you all... and the neighbors bull! Hope you enjoyed this lovely warm spring day!

Jessica said...

Hi there. I found your blog just now and found myself weeping as I read about your precious little boy. My heart broke for you but the Lord is so faithful and you will someday be with that sweet sweet little boy again. The Lord used his short life for His glory. Thank you for sharing his life. I am looking forward to reading more. You have a beautiful family!

-stephanie- said...

Amen sister. I love reading your words from our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photography talent that daughter of yours has. Your words are always so encouraging to me. Thank you for the blessings you bring to my heart.

Anonymous said...

The corn hoeing up is a splendid example of John 17:17. Jesus prays to the Father Santify them in Your Truth: Your Word is truth. May I use your story in teaching.

The Morris Family said...

Sure you can use the illustration in sharing, thanks for asking!!!

( : David'sKate : ) said...

Mrs. Morris, Anna told me that you took the pictures of the roses! That first close up one is so pretty and you captured the velvety texture beautifully! :) I really like that picture!