Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

Haven't posted because not much happening around here except "normal stuff." The guys are working away again and hopefully this is the last week!! It has been a very big job and also a challenging one working around and for the company with folks that can cause you to implement rather quickly godly character! They are ready to be finished with this one, to say the least. It has been raining here for 3 weeks at least on and off with very little sun peeking through. That can leave a persons attitude a little squelched of joy, like me! I like happy sunny days, they give me hope. Yesterday several of us had to return a pair of boots for Andrew I just got on Thursday and by Friday they were "broke!" We got that done and stopped in a few more places, the girls found a couple of skirts at an Eddie Bauer store on sale but the price did not seem like a sale! Oh, my Mother's Day was very nice! Anna made a beautiful breakfast, we had church and then later in the evening we cooked out hamburgers and I was blessed to just be together since the guys have been gone sooo much! The "working" sons blessed me with some "cash" for shopping, which they know I love to shop but I rarely have cash other than grocery money so I look forward to my own little shopping spree!! Today is Bethany and Anna's music lesson day in which they have students come in the afternoon. I need to do some school. I have pictures to put in Bethany's Creative Memory book. Figure out what to fix for dinner. Mercy has a bad cough. Jeremiah is anxiously awaiting an arrival of a Playmoblile firetruck he ordered. A fellow that takes care of the land next to us is suppose to come get his bull out of our pasture that has completely destroyed gates and pens and messed up our breeding plan with our new bull. A dairy goat show this weekend, a 3 hour drive, not everyone is going!! And of course I still am missing my little Joel, thinking of him every moment.......

There you have it, I told you it wasn't much!!

I guess this will not be a contest but I have a question for ya. Mercy has obviously been watching too many movies, good ones! The other day she saw Micah on the four wheeler at the front gate and I guess she could not make out who it was. So she told Jeremiah, "sumpins up, get your rod!!!" Now who can tell me what "rod" means and what movie was this quote taken from???? I'll tell ya tomorrow, but go ahead and guess, it'll be fun!!

Mercy is so funny......Anna is fixing lunch and she just asked me, "mom, is this your avo-ta-toe?" Anna is fixing avocodo dip!!!


Teena said...

I love when my littles talk and keep me laughing :)

I am not sure what movie that comes from. LOL

I like hearing all thats going on. I need to catch up on my scrapbooking too... I am years behind.

I posted on my blog yesterday (not the most current blog entry) "Our Adopted Papa" and talked about how much I am still missing my Dad. I can't imagine your grief. But I do think about you a lot. I was cleaning out our cabinet and going through some dvds and came across Joel's. I sat starring at it... remembering. I am thankful I have it. I am praying for you, Cindy.

your strength is a testimony to me.

J.Morris said...

I don't think I have seen that movie but am sure it means GUN!!

Marie said...

Get your hot rod!! (car)
Not sure of the movie.


Teena said...

Cindy, its me again.... ~smile~ your Joel comes to my mind so very much because my Wesley is Joel & Josiah's age. My heart wept when I read about Joel's story back in 2006. I prayed and cried. Wesley will turn 6 this July. If I remember right Josiah turns 6 in Sept. right? So I always think of them. :) Our Wyatt is 17 months older than Wesley (Wes) and they are somewhat *like* twins. Often I think of Josiah... especially that first year... and my heart hurt for him. I hope all this is not too much for you.

Back in 2004... a friend shared Luke's blog with me... www.howsluke.blogspot.com He is the little boy who drowned and then was revived. Luke is also Josiah's (and Joel) & Wesley's age. Luke turned 6 this past March. Our mama hearts connect us by the great love we have for our children and by our Savior Jesus.
Luke's mom and I share email, snail mail and have even talked on the phone. She is on one coast and I am on the other... but our hearts are connected.

I feel that way with you Cindy. I hope this wasn't too much to share. I think it was Jennifer that first shared about Joel on a board of ladies I am on. Not sure you would know her by that name.

I look forward to our cyber friendship... and know if we never meet on this earth we will one day in heaven.


Kimberly said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog about my kitchen. It's been fun "meeting" other bloggers through Kelly's blog.

You have a beautiful family. The Lord has richly blessed you. Thanks for stopping by.