Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goat, Bombs and Airplanes !!

here is some amusing conversation in our airport travels today...........

Josiah says, [with an attitude, put out] "they won't even let ya see a little plane."

Hosanna says, [reporting the facts] "Besh says they won't let ya back there cause ya might
make a bomb go off."

Josiah says. [really put out!!] "I don't even have a bomb!!!!"

Got the goat....so cute!!!!!!

Coffee time, its raining, gonna read a book, missing the guys!!!!!!!


Janet said...

Oh how sweet! I can imagine the sincerity in those words ".... I don't even have a bomb!" Bless him! Guess what! It's been raining in Johannesburg too - most unusual for this time of year - and JOLLY cold! Enjoy your reading!

Teena said...

thanks Cindy for your comment on my blog. :) It is always nice to receive comments. I often wonder if anyone reads ;)

yes I continue to try to lose. I would like to lose another 15 lbs but it is slow going now. I eat lots of fruit. I think I will be able to maintain.... I never want to go back to what I was.

Our children say the funniest thing huh? We went to Dairy Queen (do you have that there?) during our revival and my little boys were sitting with our music ministers children. They were making little songs... Wyatt sang "My name is Wyatt... I cheated on my diet!" LOLOLOL He has been around me tooo long!

Praying for you HUGS

eje said...

I wonder if anyone reads my blog too!
I just started my blog, and after a month or two I still haven't got that many comments either!

I am glad it did not rain today much. In the morning it sprinkled here and there, but now it is sunny. :-)

I enjoyed Homeschool Orchestra today. :-) have you heard of Tom Rye? He is the conductor in my orchestra. Who did Caleb and Daniel
take violin lessons from?

I am trying to learn more techniques to improve my violin playing. (I have taken 2 years of violin)

I always enjoy your posts and pictures!