Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy, Busy Today!!!!

Yea!!!! The guys made it home yesterday afternoon. Done with that job!!!! Anna made a special dessert, we had a meal together, and then we enjoyed the evening doing different things outside. Terry had to thin the corn, we did some clean up, unloaded the truck and enjoyed being all together!!!

Today is gonna be major busy!!!! We have a few that have to go do a small job in the city. And today is the dreaded day for the chickens!!!! So some of us will be doing that. We are getting started around 9:30 am. We are waiting on Elijah to get back with a rented tractor as he is going to seed the pasture. Bethany has to make a quick dash to the vet to get 6 goats health papers for the dairy show and then Terry, Andrew, Daniel and her will head out after we butcher the chickens. This season, (our 5th or 6th time) of raising the meat chickens has been challenging. We had two major catastrophes, one was a heavy rain and many drowned and the other a wild dog got in the pen and destroyed many. It has been very disappointing. We'll butcher whats left and we are having to cut the orders we had because of the loss. You learn as you go I guess.

In these two years since Joel has not been here with us, I have probably only had one or two dreams about him. This morning I awoke and I was so profoundly sad. I had dreamed of him. He was at someones house, like maybe my grandmothers and she was taking care of him. I was trying to be so careful with him. I was playing with him and then I was on the phone telling my friend Allison about him. I know it does not all make sense, the bits and pieces but for the first time he felt so near as to touch and then I woke and the sadness was so big. Maybe the Lord knows I do not need to dream about him. I do not know if I could handle having dreams and them being so real and having a sense of "loss" every time I dream. Its a continuing process of laying the sorrow at his feet as it is just too big for me to handle.

Well, better go. I"ll post some "blood and gut" pictures later........

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MP said...

Butchering chicken time is a 'smell' you never forget! Hope it goes quickly for you!