Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I Did!!!!

For those who have known me for at least 7 years know that I have wore my hair down occasionally and in a pony tail for the other duration. It has been all one length for so long a time. TODAY a change has been made.....I have a new do!!! So I called Terry and asked what he thought about the idea and he gave me the go ahead. I took the plunge and went to the beauty shop and got it layered. The length is still the same, just lots of fluff now! It feels lighter thats for sure, now I just have to make myself fix it and wear it down. I know Mrs. "B," this is a shocker, huh???? Posting about "hair" is something I am thankful for, so many mommy's are writing about their children and the illness they are fighting......I am thankful that Joel is pain free and that our lives are in a "new" normal and the Lord"s grace is so powerful to help us through what others are embarking on and in the middle of. So many children have died this very week.....we have so much to be thankful for!!!!

Anna is fixing a lovely meal for us this evening....Apricot Honey Chicken, Favorite Herbed Potatoes, Herbed Carrots, Peppered Squash Relish and Chocolate Pecan Bars......This is a blessing to me, I am enjoying all the new dinners and the time off in the kitchen!!!

You all are such a blessing, I am encouraged by the numbers that still keep up with our family. I want to be a vessel of use to the Lord as we just continue on with life. I will never be the same in the sense of a part of me is missing, yet He is filling me with hope and peace. I want to encourage you young mommy's in the challenges of raising your children and I am always available for you to contact me, not that I have all the answers, but I know I enjoyed talking with others that were a little ways down the road when we had so many underfoot! Thank you is not enough for your faithfulness to our family, I hope we can be there for you too!!

I was struck with a sadness last night.....I was playing with Mercy in her room and she had ALL her babies out, she was sitting in a chair with one of them and she was feeding it, but she did not feed it like Hosie or even Joel and Josiah fed their babies.....what they would do is pretend they were nursing their baby, even putting a blanket over them, but Mercy has not got to see me do the time a child turns two around here, we have always had a new brought a sadness that she doesn't have a real baby to experience like her other siblings. I do not know if the Lord will grant any more, I will keep asking, but I have a calm trust that He will give what is best, as He also takes because it is best.....I trust Him and will keep asking according to His will. I have so many to be thankful for, the Lord has blessed us with more than we deserve and what a privilege to be a mommy to 13 blessings here on earth and 4 that we will meet one day!!!!

Better go and see if Anna needs help, I can wash her preparation dishes at least since our dishwasher croaked again!!!!!



Christy said...

Your hair looks great! I always like layers in long hair. Thank you for all your scripture and encouraging words. I am a young mom and we struggle with infertility. We adopted our son and are currently waiting for our 2nd, and likely last, child to arrive. There are days that it's nice to be reminded of God's promises.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,
I still read your blog the first thing when I get on the internet. You, my friend, are one pretty lady. Your new hair do is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!
Thanks for all your encouraging words. I love you, Ann Parker

Emma and Mommy said...

Your hair looks beautiful! I love it.

Hope you guys faired well with our storms last night, we got lots of hail here in Norman.

~Hugs~ to you over the sadness you felt watching Mercy with her babies. I pray God will grant you with another child, if it is his will.

On a funny note, I explained breat feeding to Ella the other day, since she had not seen anyone doing it and told her she got milk from there. She rubbed her tounge with her hands and said "YUCK UGHHH YUCK I did what!? It was kind of funny, I had to explain it was God's way of giving Mommy a way to feed her baby. She just thought it was weird

Paulette said...

WOW your hair looks beautiful and so do you, very nice, I def love the layered look.

Lindsay B. said...

You are lovely!

Christine said...

Your hair looks lovely! Layers are so nice and light.