Saturday, November 15, 2008

Save Money!!!!!

Bethany making Goat Milk Body Soap

I spend about $30-35 a month for laundry soap.....last night we made our first batch of Homemade laundry soap, which cost about $7 to make a five gallon bucket of concentrate. We will pour this in old empty dispenser bottles and fill it half with water.....hopefully this will last several months. I still have a little of the store bought left but I am going to record when I start using the homemade and see how long it last. Here is the recipe if you would like to try.

Laundry Soap

4 Cups hot tap water
1 bar Fels-Naptha soap ( I got this at Ace Hardware, likely at grocery or Wal Mart)
1 Cup Washing Soda (I got this at Crest Grocery here in Ok, but surely at any grocery, see picture for box visual)
1/2 Cup Borax

Grate bar of soap and add to saucepan of hot tap water. stir continually over med/low heat until soap is melted

Fill 5 gallon bucket half full of hot tap water. Add melted soap, washing soda, and borax. Stir well until powder is dissolved. Fill bucket to top with more hot tap water. Stir and cover and let sit overnight to thicken.

The ingredients will be a thick gel the next morning, stir and fill an old dispenser 1/2 full with concentrate, and then finish filling it up with water. Shake before each use!!! (it will gel in dispenser too)

optional: you can add essential oils if you like when soap is cool, such as lavender, rosemary, tea-tree oil. 10-15 drops per 2 gallons

Wow!!!! have we been busy today. Bethany is making Goat Milk Soap for your body today, her dad helps her with this. She purchased some new molds, they are a lily. The soap will be ready in time for Christmas. We will be selling it for $5 for the unscented. She is going to get it set up on our farm site where you can purchase it with your Visa, let you know when. Let's see what else....Joshua (10) is dissecting the old dishwasher, Elijah is getting hay today, the big round bales, we cooked hamburgers for lunch, that last of the ground beef from our cows:( Terry got the dishwasher in last wonderful to get it going, he had to fix one of the van windows and he put new brakes on the van today too. This has been the first Saturday to get some stuff done. Grocery shopping went well yesterday, I did not cry....until I got to the cometary coming home, its right down from our house, its just hard to believe we buried our little 3yr old out there.....His grace....I continue to need it!!!!

Have a blessed Lord's day



Anonymous said...

Please let us know if your laundry soap works good on stains and things. I'm looking for an alternative to the expensive stuff.

Ashley Edwards

Heather said...

Cindy- I'm praying for you today :) It must be difficult to drive past the cemetary, each time remembering your little boy. But you need to remember that it's only his physical body that is there. His spiritual body is with Jesus.

Thank you for the laundry soap recipe. Next time I'm in the States I'll see if I can find the needed items and give it a whirl.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday with your family,

Heather from Ontario Canada.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, sweet Joel! Sorry for your sadness.

Love the homemade laundry soap recipe. We will have to try it. My sister gave me one a while back but I never did try it.

Anonymous said...

A low cost, green eco friendly, healthy natural way to do laundry is to use 3 or 4 soapberry which grows on the Chinaberry tree and has been used for thousands of years. It works very effectively.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, My oldest daughter and I have been reading your blog for many months now but I am not sure if I have ever left a comment. My name is Missy from TN. We are a family of 7 soon to be 8. We both really enjoy your blog. I finally today have everything I need to make the laundry soap. How did that turn out for you. I also read about it in the Duggar book. Your encouragement even through the loss of your sweet baby is something to be admired but my guess is that you are quite a humble person. But anyways I want you to know that you really are an encouragment. Missy and the rest of the crew- Sammy, Morgan, Katie, Josiah, Jacob, Sarah and #6. Oh yeah I found your blog through the Lockwood blog. We were so excited to see a post today. As I am sure you were too!!