Thursday, November 6, 2008

Being a Pattern...

Today was the day in 2006, it was a Monday, we took Joel to our family Dr. trying to figure out, "why all the fevers???" They did a simple blood test and his hemoglobin was a 9, not horrible but cause to wonder. I told the Dr. all the things that I could think of, like he said it hurt when I pulled a shirt over his head, and he had a small knot on his head, I told him about him running into the refrig. door and wondered if he could be bleeding in his head,that he was tired, eye swelling at times, and of course the fevers that would last a few days and go away. He couldn't explain all of it, he just said his iron was low and needed to supplement, so we started doing that, a week passed and still fevers, tiredness, ect.His white count was good so in my mind I thought we were safe, that is and not a cancer. I thought he might have tick fever or the mosquito disease, never thinking it was something so horrible! So this day was the beginning of the search. I see so much now as I look back, things I wish I would have done or told the Dr. to do, but thats all hindsight now, and I must rest it was all by His appointment as how it unfolded.

Rev. 2:3, Be watchful and strengthen the things that remain... That is a tall order for me, but this is what I want to do, to strengthen the children that remain with us here and to encourage them in the faith, to be watchful of the flock that the Lord has given. I read a another verse last week and have been thinking upon it for some time. I Tim.1:13, Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. The word form has the idea of a pattern or outline. This is the how to strengthen the ones that remain, to be a pattern or outline of faith and love. My children need to not only hear my words but they need to see my faith and love, to Terry first and then to them. I guess if the children remember all the fun memories, all the wonderful meals, the warm atmosphere of our home but they can not remember my faith that is carrying me through the valley, the calm shores and love demonstrated for Christ first and then to family and to others then what is my life? I write this cautiously because I need grace to do this and may He give it so that I can "show" them Jesus!!

Out to eat tonight with my dear husband for our 22 years of wonderful marriage (the 8th), Bethany is getting the dinner going tonight. Friday evening we get to watch the finished Pendragon movie from start to finish with the music, can't wait!! Anna is doing some baking for the weekend as we head to visit the Duggar family in Ar. Look forward to sharing that with you.

Continuing on....only by His grace!!!



Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
Are you and your family really going to see the Duggar's? Aw, I wish we were close enough to join you. They are another awesome family. Have a great time.

P. S. By the way your new hair cut is just beautiful.

John-Clay said...

Pendragon!! Whohooo!!!