Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Day will Break !!

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.......Have you ever thought why it is called a "shadow of death?" I think because as a shadow does follow, it follows a person until they get to eternity, the shadow is always there, lingering, sometimes it might not be quite as visible, the shadow is a reminder of many things......how precious life is, how short it is, the shadow makes you think of there more than here, it helps you to think of Him more than myself, this shadow will remain.......Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved, and be thou like a roe or a young hart upon the mountains of Bether, Song of Solomon 2:17. One day the shadow will be gone because the day will break either of the return of Christ or when I get to go see Joel myself. But until then I will turn and embrace the One who so tenderly and passionately cares for me, He calls me His beloved. I will seek to bound forward as a hart, with strength that He gives and live upon this craggy place called earth. There is so much yet to come..........I am thankful for promises like this that all the sorrow, heart ache, pain, illness, hurts of this life will flee when the day breaks!!!!

Jeremiah says" where did our hot water go?" Hosanna shouts, " Wow the UPS man is here again, man we are gettin' alot of Christmas stuff!" Mercy says holding the white stuffed singing thing, "It's Balley's." The simple thoughts and questions of a child, I have listened intently today at their voices and I am blessed by the little worlds that they live in. I could probably re-phrase all that and roll it into one......"so what if we do not have hot water, we are gettin' Christmas from the UPS man instead and we can have a "Holly Jolly Christmas with our little singing man!!!" Sometimes I think I miss "little" words and phrases, but today I was so blessed by their worry/carefree lives. May we all stop and listen and be blessed!!!

The guys are on their way home, Terry is doing ok, still uncomfortable when he bends over, but Lord willing each day will get better! He does have job cut out for him when he gets here......replacing the heating element in the water tank, we have such hard water this is not an easy task as he usually has to let the water drain out of the hole where you put the element back in due to corrosion of the water and it takes awhile for it to drain, so that is going to lead to a backup of getting showers and finishing up some laundry, BUT all these inconveniences are nothing really.........

Ok....some very exciting news.....the movie Pendragon, the one that Caleb and Daniel worked on the music for many months, nights.......long nights is now available to purchase. You can go here to check it all out and order. If you do purchase one just remember to listen closely to the battle scenes and the finale/the last five minutes or so is their orchestration of music. Hope you get one, let us know what you think about it!!! It will also be entered in the San Antonio Film Festival in Jan. 2009, the same festival that Joel's Journey won in last year. Lord willing our family is planning to attend.

Ohh.....here's one more for ya, I go get Mercy out of her bed just a bit ago, I open the door and she is standing up in her bed with the biggest most cheerful smile and she says in her little voice," I am ready for Chismas (Christmas)!!!!!"


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