Monday, November 10, 2008

Visiting the Duggar Family...

L-R: Jana, Anna, Anna (Josh's wife), Bethany, Jill, Jessa, Jinger

***** WE FOUND DUFFY***** he was way back in the woods under a tree very far from our house!!!!! PRAISE GOD for His mercy!!! He has been out on his own since Sat. morning around 9am, I can not believe he survived!!!!!!!!! Thank you for praying!!!!!!! I am before the Lord giving thanks and we SEE a Redeeming God at work, my heart needed this, thank you Jesus!!!! So in the square mile section, he was almost in the middle of it under a cedar tree, and only God could direct where the children were walking a little bit a go, he did not come when Bethany called, she saw him and went over to him, they probably walked 3 miles and then to zig-zag all over and to come upon a tree where he was is a miracle!!! Thank you Lord for a happy ending, for our children......and me!****************

Off we went to visit the Duggar family......but about a hour and half down the road we get a phone call from our neighbor that we had left Bethany's little inside white Maltese dog, that we got her for her 18th B.D. in June 07,( he slept with her every night and was a major lap dog with Bethany) had wiggled his way out of his collar as they were taking him out side and ran away. They pursued him and then he was gone, gone into the woods. He is still missing, we have put up signs but I am doubtful, there are so many large dogs, not counting all the coyotes!! So I say all that to let you know that "my" visit was overshadowed with this episode and having my daughters heart crushed, I am really struggling with my attitude towards God today and to have to hold in my lap Hosie, Siah, Jeremiah and Joshua all crying once we got back home Sunday evening and wondering where God is to these tender hearts and wondering what to say to them about God now, I wish He would give us a happy ending, I am growing weary of telling them God is so loving and kind and then what does this situation present to them??? I know I am writing harsh, but it's more than a dog, it was my daughters heart, I want to protect her from hurt and disappointment, but I can not. I feel like I got the rug pulled out from me. I know this all seems ridiculous and trivial yet I am having a hard time at this moment......prior to this happening I guess I was feeling like I was able to withstand a difficulty but surprisingly some of those same feelings I had towards the Lord when I was sad at Him about Joel are creeping back, so those still need to be dealt with. Oh, I am just rambling......most probably thinks this is so silly.....I'll leave it and tell you about our visit.....

We got to the Duggars a little after 10:oo and Bethany and two of the Duggar girls turned around and traveled three hours to go back and look for Duffy, so they did not get back until 6:oo pm that evening. It did not take long for ALL the children to get to playing!!! They were still trying to do some cleaning when we got there. Jim-Bob took us on a tour of the house, yes its big, but very child friendly and practical. The living room is nice and big, they have a long bar and conventional kitchen area and then they have a commercial kitchen area as you can see some of this in the pictures. It is a very comfortable home and its not spic and span, they live there with 16 children, (their oldest is married now) They do things like us everyday....laundry, eat, school, ect. We slept in the boys room upstairs, it has bunk beds with full size under it, so there were 14 places for us and we had two bathrooms in there so that was nice. Most of the boys 10 and over got the football outside going very quickly. the little ones played in the playroom a lot, it has a pool table, fooze (sp) ball, and one of those wooden outside type forts(no swing on it though) with a slide that comes down from the boys room, some rocking horses and ride toys, so they loved all that. Mercy loved the slide!! We had lunch about 12:00, we had brought our own sandwiches for this meal, Michelle served tortilla soup for dinner. After lunch, more football, and then later in the afternoon some of the older children sat around as we shared together when we were saved and how we met our spouses. We watched Joel's Journey together as they had not seen it, and then Joshua (their 1st born son) and his new wife, Anna shared about their courtship and we watched their wedding on video! We had dinner, visited and the children played constantly!! They are people just like us, they have children that cry like mine, they have children that climb on furniture like mine, they have children that need training and discipline like mine. Bethany and our Anna really enjoyed visiting with the older girls, doing girl talk you know! They operate much like we do, each one has responsibilities, chores, and they seek to work as a team, no one person can do it all. Their older girls carry out the cooking. Like me , Michelle gives and keeps everyone moving on that end. I guess I am trying to say, they are like us......seeking to apply the principles of scripture and train their children for His kingdom and see the opportunity with all the filming as a "way" for their family to share Christ. So in reality, God gives each an opportunity, they are different ones, yet with the same goal, to be a light for Him. So do not look at them or us for that matter and think WOW!!, you can do the same thing, we all can. Jim Bob and Michelle are very humble and down to earth, they are fun to be with. We stayed up pretty late, the girls stayed up later than us, we took the little ones up and went to bed. On Sunday morning breakfast was eat as you get up, they have home church at their home and about 4-6 other families joined us. Caleb and Daniel played duet hymns and Joshua, their son led the singing. After church, a potluck meal was served and then just fellowship. We left around 3:00, hoping to have some daylight to look for the dog when we got home!! It was a fun weekend, except for the overshadow of the dog episode, I was more affected than anybody else. Oh, and how we know the Duggars, they are in the ATI Home school organization that we are in and when I was preg, with Joel and Josiah, I talked with her on the phone many times and we visit a little when we see each other at the home school conference. Who knows we might be in the background on one of the shows, a guy was there videoing on Sunday and he was all over Caleb and Daniel as they played and asked them a few questions!!!!!! Just remember, as the Duggar Family, we are all here for such as time as be a light and live for Christ!!!

I guess if your an animal person, pray someone might find him and call, there are some signs up, and that the Lord would help Bethany"s heart and probably more for me.....I am the one sad with the Lord. I know we can replace the dog, but I guess I was just thinking would it not be neat for the younger children especially to "see" a redeeming God as we have prayed and pleaded for God to return the dog......



MP said...

No it is not silly. The hearts of our children hurting is hard and God gave us a heart to love so why not love the little creatures he created as well. Your family has suffered great loss so adding another loss (though it be a pet) makes it so hard.
After a move across state many years ago, our beloved cat escaped outside and dissapeared. My 4 year old was heart broken. We lived in the country at that time. We too thought the coyotes probably got him. My girl and I prayed every night God would have mercy on our pet and I silently prayed God would have mercy on my little girl. 2 weeks later that cat was standing on the canal bank meowing at us like we had left him. It as amazing. I pray too, that maybe just maybe this too is God's plan for your kids and for you. To reunite them and their little friend. I will pray for his grace and mercy on that situation. I will pray too, for your heart.

Lockwoods said...

Praying for your (and your children's) hearts today. We just got home late last night and I haven't been online hardly at all in over a week, but hopefully, in the next day or two, once I finish laundry, unpacking, cleaning ect... from the trip, I will email you. I have lots to tell you, but need to get the children fed and back to least I made a pathway to the bathroom as the floor was covered in stuff this morning! :) Oh, I got your package in the mail this morning too...THANK YOU! I'll tell you how much I love it when I write too.
And I'm soooo happy you got to visit the Duggars! I know you were both a blessing to each other. I first heard about them a couple years ago when people would see us all out shopping or something and say, "Are you that family that's on TV?
I've always thought how much fun it would be to meet/fellowship with them; but of course, on the very top of my "people I would love to meet someday" list is you all! :) is starting to fuss and Abigail is "staaarrrvviinngg"! :)
love and prayers,

Emma and Mommy said...

Praying for the safe return of the little dog. Nothing wrong with a prayer for that, animals are part of the family too.

So wonderful you got to go visit with the Duggar's. I, like many people am a huge fan of their show on tv, and have follwed them for a long while I guess on tv and their website. They seem like amazing people. Their home looks awesome!

I should have put two and two together, when I watch their show they remind me of you. Not just because of the big family but your values. What wonderful families you both have!

Lockwoods said...

Praise the Lord! I just sat down for a minute to rest my back and thought I'd check to see if Duffy had been found! Yes, the Lord does answer prayer!!! Sometimes, it is not as we would like, but we can always rest in Him knowing that He always does what is best for us and how wonderful that we can fully trust our never failing, almight, wonderful God! I'm rejoicing with you all for the Lord helping you all find your little pet and thanking Him with you too!

-stephanie- said...

Thanking God with you on the finding of Duffy.
How exciting to see you at the Duggar home. I just watched them on t.v. last week, and Joshua and Anna just got engaged. wow, what a short engagement and wedding. ha!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, Duffy has been found. Sometimes just waiting on the Lord is harder than it seems.
I am so glad you all got to visit with the Duggar family. I know you enjoyed your trip. They seem like such a fun and loving family.
Take care.
Marie in NC

Michelle said...


Your posts continue to inspire and minister to me. I'm so praising that Duffy was found. Precious little hearts are sometimes so difficult to consol.

What a priviledge to be able to spend time with the Duggars. They, like your family are such a role model to me. I pray that I too humbly raise my girls to love and honor the Lord in all that they do. I pray for godly men for their lives. Thank you for raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.
Many blessings to you and your family,