Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Think About It......

To just think about this brings to light that scripture that says with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible....... think of a square and that square is 640 acres and your looking for a 10 pound fluffy white dog in there somewhere!!!! Around that square on the East, West and North side runs a gravel road and on the south side a highway. On the north side running parallel with the road is 4 homes (one is ours) on the West side parallel to the road is 4 homes, on the South side again parallel to the road is 3 homes and the East side is about 7 homes, and there is only one road on the East side that goes into the 640 where other homes are. The children went to the home we left him at which is on the East road, and went straight through to the west and walked a mile, they went through and over fences, underbrush, briar's and woods, then turned and came back but were walking at random, of all the 640 acres, Duffy was under a cedar tree along their path. He was in the middle of the 640 acres and a little North of the highway that is on the south end, a long ways from our house for a little dog!!! It is an amazing thought of how God works and directs. Bethany said she was praying the Lord to lead her to Duffy and that He did!!! Why do I doubt Him???? Yesterday was so hard for me, I did not accomplish much of anything, I could not eat, my heart was sad for my children because they were hurting and I could not fix it for them. I think yesterday was an experiment for me from the Lord and I am disappointed with myself that what I thought I could do, (face a difficultly) I did not do it with a steady faith, I wavered and doubted. Besides folks in the scripture I can not think of many that is as unwavering as Terry, he is so steady and consistent in trials or triumphs. I see from this mini experiment that I need what he has got. I read a scripture this morning and it really said what I need, and this scripture is what Terry does. Ps. 101:1, I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O Lord, will I sing. I can surely sing of the mercy of the Lord, but to sing of the judgments, of what He decides, of His calls, His decisions I am finding this is where I need grace and help. Terry is able to do this, I want to get to this place too. I am not content to stay where I am, I want to be unwavering and not tossed. Does anyone else do this to??? I suppose its just a life of growing, I so want to continue to grow forward and have a faith that withstands. I want to be able to sing strongly from my heart of whatever He decides in each situation. Now on a happy note, we had ice-cream last night to celebrate and Duffy is getting royal treatment. He did have to go to the vet as he had two hurts on each front leg at the exact same place, it almost looks like he got in a trap or jumped and landed on something sharp. He is getting hauled around and is enjoying his deliverance from the "wilderness." Mercy was so cute last night as Duffy was laying on the bed, she told Jeremiah "to go get a book and I read it to Duffy."

I think today we can get with our regular duties and function! The guys are pouring concrete today. Caleb was suppose to get his braces off today but he had to wait until tomorrow because of the work schedule. Last night Daniel went and bought him an acoustic guitar! I guess we can sit around the campfire in style now!!

Thanks for praying for us over the episode of Duffy, a big lesson for my heart and to evaluate what I still need. I see my faith has holes and I want to be more solid like my dear husband.



-stephanie- said...

I was hoping you would write about what God has taught you about this. Not that you have to write down everything for the world to read, but it helps me in my walk with the Lord, to see what others are learning. thanks, and I bet Duffy is one thankful and happy dog.

Mandy said...

I am so happy for all of you that Duffy is home safe! My sister lost her dog last year, and yes, it is 'just a dog' it is still a living creature that we care about, and God cares about too!
Welcome Home, Duffy!

MP said...

Praise God! Oh the joy your kids must have felt when their eyes saw their little friend.
That update on Duffy was just what I needed this morning.
I am so happy for your children and for you.

paul and leah said...

well definitely I bet a lot of people go through and or feel the same way. I as a man know that I want to be in the same place as terry. I think that is what the scripture means when it says there is no difference in man or woman. that great hymn that says it all. "...some through the water, some through the flood, some through fire but all through the blood. some through great trials but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long." This to is what terry has. I bet it's one of his favorite songs? it is mine.

Emma and Mommy said...

I am so glad Duffy was found! You have no idea how much I worried yesterday and I prayed so hard. I am an animal lover that is for sure.

I am glad it was resolved and that God kept Duffy safe. It breaks my heart to think of your kids being sad, but I bet they are all just smiling really big now!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad Duffy was found. When I was a little girl, we had a dog (Fritz) that got lost while hunting with my dad. My poor daddy was heartbroke and all the rest of us were too. It was THREE weeks before we found him. I wish you could have seen that dog when he got to my daddy. That was a GREAT ride home in the pick up! I'll never forget it!

Cindy, I'm old but I still waver. I am not like Terry. God has done soooo much for me, yet the slightest bump throws me for a loop.

I love you, Ann Parker

Mountain Mama said...

Yipee! Praise God that little Duffy is back in the arms of Bethany.

Looks like you had a fun time with the Duggar family.


Amina said...

Praise God that Duffy was found!