Monday, November 3, 2008

Past, Present, Future....

If I were to pick a description that I feel in my heart that best reflects the Lord for me, my situation, my life and all that we have walked through with Joel and the journey of grieving would be "Faithful and True." I read a scripture this morning in Rev. 1:19, Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter. I thought of this verse in light of the past, the present and the future and how He has been Faithful and True in all aspects of our marriage and family. In the past He has been Faithful to provide for our needs and many times our wants. He has been Faithful to protect and guide our family in ways that have been a blessing and benefit to the children, like where we live. He was Faithful as we walked through the illness with Joel and gave Terry wisdom to make decisions that are not popular in the medical community, He was Faithful to provide needs of vehicles and convinces that helped our family operate more efficiently. He is True that He keeps His word and promises, He is True in that He does not make mistakes with plans, and I can trust Him with the plans He had with Joel. He is Faithful in the present, the things which are, in this grieving process, He is getting us through it and there is a peace in the midst of the tears that still flow. His promises are True in that He does give grace to go through the most heartbreaking experience I think a person can go through. He is Faithful to provide work for our family. And looking to the things of the future and the things which shall be hereafter, Oh, how I anticipate the reunion with Joel!!! Because He has been Faithful and True in the past and now, I do not fear the future and have full confidence that He will be true to His name...... Faithful and True!!! Just to meditate upon this quality alone brings calm, comfort, peace of what He has for the future for our family and the generations to come, Lord willing.

The grandparents left on Sunday morning. We had a fun visit, Pop was actually pretty calm this time!! We played volley ball, did some fence work, and played a game called Chicken Foot or Mexican Train over and over and over and over.......I think the children wore their grandmother out with this game!!!! Of course they had to have their big Scrabble match and our traditional pizza and Bluebell, thanks NaNa and Pop for the good time and memories with your grandchildren!!! Our Sunday night teaching with our friends is going well, and we are enjoying the fellowship too. The guys are working afar and we are trying to figure out what to do tonight!! They have a busy schedule for the next few weeks which is always an answer to prayer. Our 22 year anniversary is coming up the 8th, but I guess we will go out to eat before then, as we have plans(Lord willing) to visit/spend the night with the Duggar family this coming weekend. They are expecting their 18th in Jan.

On this day in 06, I had gone grocery shopping and I wrote down that Joel was so excited when I got home because of his new jeans that he got......twins are so fun, buying "two" of everything! I really miss picking up two when I shop for Siah, like today when I picked up one pair of nighties at the store. Last night Josiah was doing something to my arm that he did when he was one and twoish, for his comfort he would like to touch the inside of my arm at the elbow, and for Joel's comfort, he had a pink blanket and he would fold a corner and make a little hole and slide his pointer finger in and out. I am so glad Josiah still likes to helps.

As I am finishing up here, we still can not come up with a plan for tonight, so I guess we'll hang around here.....


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Michele H. said...

I can't believe you are going to see the Duggers. I watch them on tv all the time. The first time I saw the Duggers show I thought of your family. Will they be filming while you guys are there? I have been following your site for some time now. I also have lost a great nephew to NB. He got his angel wings on 8-18-07. He fought that beast for almost 5 years. I just love reading your site. I love all the pictures also. I also check Bethany's blog daily. I thought our family was big (10 children) until I seen yours and then the Duggers. Take care and god bless you all.