Sunday, September 14, 2008


What we did today.....

* Terry, Bethany and Anna left the house around 5:30 am going to visit Danielle in MO. and will be returning tomorrow Lord willing!

* Caleb, Daniel, Elijah, Micah and Andrew went to church and did not arrive home until 2:00 pm and ate lunch.

* I stayed here and fixed lunch, easier on me than corralling the littles without Terry.

* I worked on Joshua's Creative Memory book and got around 75 pictures in, bringing it up to date.

* Sat outside and watched Mercy and Hosanna play, while Josiah and Jeremiah were on an adventure in the pasture.

* Caleb and Daniel went to our good friend David's house to download some of the Pendragon movie, as they are writing the music for parts of it, but the adventure to that included hauling our desk top computer over there only to find out when they got there that it does not have an internet chip inside of it, sooooo they proceed to haul the whole computer system up into David's attic in a 2x2 foot opening and of course its dark!!!! They are desperate, time is of the essence. They are quite the guys for "get it done."

* Made cookies at 9:00 pm, sat out by a campfire and drank coffee with the children and listened to Mercy tell us stories about how she fell off the moon, hurt her back, she is not a baby but a tiger (she is trying to say toddler ) riding bulls, how she hurt her back again and that her name is Mercy!!!!!!!!

* Now its time for bed and I am ready!!!!

* Good Night


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Anonymous said...

Busy busy! But it sounds like fun!!! Caleb and Daniel's attic adventure sounds..... interesting! I bet pictures from that would be good! Hehe!
It's so fun hearing about all that's going on with ya'll! I really enjoy learing about how others live and imagining.....
I'll be praying Caleb and Daniel can get the music done and "make it happen!" They are very gifted at that!!!
( : I pray you have a belssed and sweet day!
Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? : )