Saturday, September 20, 2008

Being Together......

Well......the positives first......we had a great day of being together, we are blessed with our self employment and the flexible schedule that Terry has to be able to spend so much of this week being with his children, we had a good lunch, we met people, had an inquirer that is interested in buying one of our goats, and Mercy felt good and had fun today (last time she was under the weather) now, the not so good news.... we did not do so well today, Bethany was 7th out of 15, Micah made the first cut in one class and Elijah placed in a very small class with our Mr. huge buck. Oh, well.... give it another try next week at the Tulsa State Fair. One thing about all this, the family can work and be together!!!! They had to get one more race car ride in!! The guy running the race cars figured our crew out....he was talking over the loud speaker and said, "hey, where's your dad? Do ya'll live at the fair?" You can't hardly miss a group all tagging around together like ours!!!

Have a wonderful day of worshiping the Lord, with your families tomorrow!!


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Paul and Katrina Perea said...

My hubby works from home too. We just LOVE having him around and he's able to take care of "dad" stuff around the home. God bless you and your children.