Monday, September 29, 2008

Buck Picture

Here he is......for those that are interested!!! Probably for many, he just looks like a goat and wonder why he's so great.....lots of muscle, big rear end, huge chest, straight topline and he is not quite 6 months old!! We are trying to get all his papers overnighted so Bethany can show him this weekend at Tulsa Fair. My dad and Shirley are coming for the goat show, so another big weekend!! Not much else around here.



Heather said...

He's a beaut...strong and powerful. I've been a blog follower for some time now and just wanted to say hello and compliment Bethany on her new purchase :)

Lockwoods said...

Wow...he's sure a whole lot nicer looking than any goat around here! Goat meat is really yummy...they use it here for lots of special dishes. I too ate it lots of times without even knowing it.
Thank you for taking time to answer my question too. :) You are such a blessing to me.

Adina said...

The little that I know about goat showing tells me that he is a BLUE RIBBON! Wow! Impressive! Good choice Bethany!

Eliya said...

Oh, what a BEAUTY!!! He is just awesome! I'll bet Bethany will get some mighty nice babies using him this fall! It was so neat to hear another story of how the Lord cares for the details of our lives.

Emma and Mommy said...

He is one handsome buck. Wow, he is perfect in every way. So strong, love his chest! Beathany is a lucky girl, I have seen many a goat in my day and I think he is the finest I have seen.

Congrats again on a great find!