Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anna is 16 !!!

Joel and Anna on her 14th birthday 9/06

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter, Anna!!! Our Ok. journey began as we moved here in May 94 and Anna was our first baby born in Ok. One of the first things that comes to mind with Anna is that she did not want to go to bed and sleep through the night and in the day the only place she would sleep was her swing! I remember Terry buying me a set of parenting tapes when she was 5 months old and gave them to me, boy was I offended, this was our 5th baby and I certainly did not need tapes of how to take care of one.....but these tapes changed our lives, we finally got some sleep after 3 days of training......and ever since then it has been ever so smooth with my sweet Anna!! So many ways I am blessed by Anna, first is her spirit of quick repentance and making it right before the sun goes down! She has always loved babies, real ones!!! She is even now still fervently praying for another new baby for our family! When Joel and Josiah were born, she lovingly and tenderly helped with these two bundles of blessing way into the wee hours of the night! She enjoys being with her younger siblings and just getting down on the floor and playing with them, building them "neat barns and stuff." She has spent a lot of hours reading and learning about the Angus breed of cattle and has become quite proficient in knowledge, and even has given her cattle handler brother, Elijah a little bit of "info." As you all know she makes all the desserts that we consume and works tirelessly at producing a dessert that not only tastes good but it has to "look" good to!! I do not know what I would do if I did not have her hands in the kitchen, she makes breakfast most every morning and is very observant to serve and clean up if needed! Anna started doing laundry when she was 6 years old, WOW!!! and has faithfully carried out this task for 10 years. Anna was spending the night with Terry and I at the hosp Jan. 3rd, when Joel had his seizure and we saw him slip into a coma. She knows the horror of that dreadful night, her heart too is broken but she finds strength in the scriptures and has the hope of seeing her little Joel again!! Of course, she is the photographer around her and she does an excellent job with that, taking pictures that could be a winner in a contest! Anna likes adventure and enjoys doing "stuff" with her older siblings too, she is a little more reserved when it comes to craziness that they think of but nonetheless, she likes to be in the middle of it. Throughout the day she sits at the piano and cheers my heart, and then she'll pop outside and work in the garden, remember that huge pumpkin she grew?? Anna is many things to our family, but if I were to sum it up in a few words, a gracious one serving her family! I love you Anna, and I hope the Lord hears your prayer and grants our family a new baby.....but if not, one day Lord willing I will get to help you take care of your baby!!!! May the Lord continue to conform your heart into His image and reap a bounty of blessing in your own life for sowing so deeply in your families lives!! Bethany made a sweet and funny post about her dear sister too.

Happy 16th, Anna!!!!

Your Mom!!

(I'll post some of her BD party later this evening, that is if they turn out, as I will be taking the pics)


Danielle said...

What a great post about Anna! Guess I will wish you a VERY happy birthday here also! :)

Love you Anna!

Danielle said...

OH! And I just LOVE that first picture of Anna, you are beautiful! :)

Emma and Mommy said...

Happy sweet 16 Anna, hope its a beautiful day for you and your family. I can't wait to see pics of your special day.

Lockwoods said...

Oh Anna....what a beautiful young lady you are inside and out! What a wonderful testimony your mom gave to your sweet spirit and tender heart. I too pray that your mom will be blessed with another little baby...I was praying for her this morning. Since the morning sickness has come and I have a bit more down time than usual, I enjoy praying more for those the Lord lays on my heart.
I hope you have a blessed birthday with your wonderful family! Happy Birthday from our crew down south!

Paulette said...

She is a beautiful young lady, she reminds me so much of my daughter when she was her age.
I loved loved the photo party. I too love to dabble with photography every chance I get. I am extremely impressed with the talents and Godliness of your children. You and Terry are amazing parents to raise up such Godly kiddo's.