Friday, September 12, 2008

Taking a Look at Nature....

[This is not real! :) ]

Do you know what is around the corner?? Soon the leaves will fall, the trees and bushes will go dormant. Fall/Winter are not my favorite seasons, especially now, they hold sharp memories and pain of Joel, his sickness, his last months and days with us. It seem like the weather went right along side what we were really experiencing in real life! There is a scripture in Ps. that says day unto day uttereth speech. If we look at nature from day to day it speaks, it helps us learn about His ways and understand things a little better. Upon the leaves falling and all looks like life is disapating, there is something wonderful actually happening, but it is unseen, the treasure will soon burst forth but in its due and appointed time. You see in this time of seemingly "death" of nature" the bud for next spring is getting set and it will bring forth a glorious sight of life and beauty from the ugly twigs, branches that lay so bare and seem so lifeless. To receive the "blooms" we must pass through the death, dormancy, so it seems. I am going to embrace this picture instead of what fall/winter use to look like to me, I am going to believe that in God's design of nature it holds true for our own lives as well.
Yes there is something missing in my heart, a piece is gone is one way to describe it, yet right along side, something has been put in, his presence in a way that I have never had. I feel my heart has been changed in a sort of way. It's hard to say this, yet I say it with a joy that is unspeakable, I would want Joel back, but not the old me. Looking forward to the "blooms...."

Today we are getting 4 meat goats butchered. They were so cute, but I know we'll eat them. I have never had goat before so gotta figure out what to cook and how. Any ideas?

We started a new wisdom booklet in our school work and the scripture is Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matt 5:16. We are talking about "good works" focusing on the benefit of the deed, was it timely, attractive, worthy, and beneficial? And the people we are reading about is Mary and her breaking the alabaster jar of precious oil upon Jesus. The Lord gave Terry and opportunity to do a good work unto a husband/father that desired to visit and get counsel. Last night they shared and talked and we pray it was a blessing to this man. I was so thankful the children got to see their father work out the scriptures. This morning the smaller children completed the ID cards that Anna created, they liked the idea of this personal card. I was trying to emphasize the distinguishing factor between growing Christians and stagnant believers is good works, Titus 2, They are zealous of good works. So the ID card above is from our school project.

Well, we are scrambling around here working on Plan B for Josiah's birthday. It is suppose to rain all day tomorrow and I really, really want to have his party outside! I am more disappointed than Siah. We are going to try to have it this evening outside. He is have a Hunting Party. Anna is busy with his desserts he chose!

I want to commend Whitney, even though she disagreed with our stand with scripture, she had the right spirit in sharing, and thanks for all those that supported and for all of us to remember what the definition of the fear of the Lord is; that we will give an account before the Lord for every thought, word and deed and action. Blessings to each home that shared!!

I have to go get some balloons for two special little boys birthday......



Eliya said...

Goat meat is great. Our family's favorite way to use it is in tacos. It makes the BEST taco meat!!! You can also use it any way you would beef. It is usually a leaner meat, so it can dry out faster. Cooking it slowly and at a lower temp can help.


tigerlily's gift said...

Psalm 33:11
But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations