Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anna's Party Pics

Anna had a fun time at her "Photo Party." I had picked out 6 of her photos and had them enlarged and we used those to decorate with and some pictures in frames for the table. We also played a photo puzzle game with two teams that each had 15 photos cut in half and the teams had to see who could put all their pictures together first! Anna wanted BBQ Brisket for her meal, Bethany made some delicious rolls too. Anna picked an Apple and Peach pie for her birthday dessert, it was yummy!! Terry read her a birthday blessing, which is a tradition for our family, encouraging them to strive and reach for all that the Lord has in store for them. We ended up out on the volley ball court as Anna's request for some fun! What a blessing to be together and enjoy another birthday!


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Danielle said...

Wow, now that looks like a dream party!! :) So neat, and I just love the idea of it! The enlarged photos look so cool! :) Hope you had a wonderful party Anna! :)