Saturday, August 30, 2008

Micah is 14 !!

Happy Birthday to Micah, our 6th child, and our 4th son!! Micah was our first home birth baby and wow, was I in for some pain!!!! I am so grateful the Lord led us in this direction, there is nothing like being in your own home! Micah is such a fine young man, where do I begin? First I am so very thankful for his trust in the Lord! Because we were home churching, he was baptized in our pond by his dad as other church families stood around the bank, pretty neat!! Micah has a mind to work, he is very ingenious, and he "loves" volley ball!! He is very helpful with any of my needs as the big guys are away at work! When I scream his name outside he always says "Mam," to my seemingly straights. This Wednesday he proved he is on the way to manhood. He woke up with a rough start and I went into his room and tried to gently give him a motivational truth time. I sought to share with him the invisible drama that we did not see but rest assuredly it was taking place, a spiritual battle was before him! I gave him the options of seeing this situation as a battle for him to fight and win or be drawn into the enemy's trap and be defeated. He proved his point with that old devil and rebounded with a charge and pursued the day with victory on his shoulders by Christ's strength with him!!! Micah came to me later and asked forgivness, and he WON!! I am grateful for Micah's spiritual perception in that situation and I hope it will remind him in the future as he has battles that he can have the victory with Christ! Micah enjoys being with his siblings and he gives lots of "life and laughs" to our somewhat boring evenings! Micah likes to hunt and just recently passed a hunters safety course to get his hunting license. There is something about Micah that wins others hearts when he is around them, I think its his smile and those dark eyes, but its almost a joke around here, because people that the guys work with and when Micah goes, they always want to know if Micah is coming back. I pray whatever magnet he has for people he would use it for God's kingdom and let his light shine that others are in eternity because of Jesus first but then because Micah Todd Morris "magnetized them with the truth." I love you Micah, and your one great young man in my life. Happy Birthday!!!!!

your mom


John-Clay said...

Happy B-Day Micah!!

You can't be 14 just CAN'T :O

:p JC

Danielle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICAH!!! :) Hope you had a wonderful party and are having fun at David's this afternoon!

Hmm..I should do a blog post bout' you! :D There is SO much to mention! "Y", Santa Baby, Cherokee and Choctaw, hmm...what else! :) Oh, and lots of pics I could post! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Micah!!
He looks remarkably different from his blonde, blue eyed twin brothers, but they are all so handsome! :-) I can tell you have a special young man there. (I also have a "magnet" in our family, Skylar who is 20)
I had to laugh at your math confusion. Believe me- it's heavy school planning time right now and the loony bin almost seems the place for me too!
God bless you all,

J.Morris said...

Happy birthday Micah Todd.Your a fine young man with unlimited potential.Wish we were there."Trust in the Lord and ackowledge Him in all your ways and He will guide your paths.
Your POP in Texas and your NANA love you very much.We always enjoy reading about all your activities.

Adina said...

Yet another reason to possibly use the name "Micah" for our son-to-be. . .we'll see!! What a beautiful post!