Saturday, August 2, 2008

Inconveniences....... they ever happen to you????????? Well, they are happening to us at this time! I can hardly call them a trial seeing they are such a temporal matter, maybe they should be called "attitude adjusters!" Its like shower for 14 people, riding in 100 degree weather with no air and your dripping wet, extension cords running everywhere because of an electrical problem. This here electrical problem started when our central air caught fire in early spring and we decided to get a large window unit and now because it is pulling so much electricity, it keeps flipping the breaker, so last night the breaker box blew out some outlets which leads to the dryer not working and two out of three refrigerators not working which leads to why extension cords are running everywhere! Inconveniences........ I got lots of fences, so we'll get the clothes dry at least, extension cords are working, we are cool, so whats the big deal????????? I guess for those reading this, maybe it will make you smile to know that WE do have technical problems too, we are not exempt from day to day attitude adjusters and I guess if your really spiritual you could say a prayer for us........I will say this for sure, Terry does all that is in his power to "fix" what needs to be fixed, sometimes its just beyond his abilities, so you go to the next one electrician! I am sure it will all work out sooner or later!

Now.... for more uplifting journaling.......Terry went to the farmers market with some of the children and he "dragged" Caleb and Daniel there to play their fiddles out in open air. How can a dad resist an opportunity for his sons to play and minister to others!! So if your buying vegetables, you will get an extra treat today and maybe your veggies will be "exstringly sweet, ( they were playing their string instruments, get it???)

It is so exciting to know that Joel's story and the story of choosing life is continuing to go forth. Another distibutor, The Old Schoolhouse on line has picked up Joel's Journey DVD. So now Vision Forum, CBD, The American Family Association and the Old Schoolhouse is carrying the DVD. I would like to ask you if you have watched the DVD, would you be willing to go here and give a review at the Old Schoolhouse? Also Joel's Journey is being entered into another Film Festival, The Southern Winds Film Festival, in Oklahoma. This helps a grieving mommy's heart to know that Joel is not forgotten!!!!

So what does the rest of the day look like.....Bethany I think is planning on taking one of her Nubian daddy goats to an auction, I have to fix lunch for our church fellowship tomorrow, get dinner for tonight, Hamburgers, yummy!!!!! Guess I better get it going and get to hanging those clothes out...... :)

Happy Saturday!!! O, by the way, the pumpkin only weighed 56 pounds, still BIG, but not as we thought..... guess that proves things seem bigger than they are, like these inconveniences....they seem bigger than they really are!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

( : I'm not sure how you'd define "really spiritual" but I'm praying for ya'll! "Have faith in God, He's on the throne! Have faith in God, He watcher o'er His own!" : )

Danielle said...

Praying for you all!

I've been thinking about yall' a lot this evening, I made egg rolls tonight for my family but unfortunately they didn't turn out anywhere near as good as they were at your house. :)

Glad to hear the Farmer's Market went well and the guys just LOVED playing I'm sure! :D :D Bet that flute with them sounded great! :P

Benjamin's Papa said...

The lord is faithful and committed on this day, another "Joyful" day in the wilderness and always will be faithful and true. His covenant from “everlasting to everlasting” (1 Chronicles 16:36)
Psalm 108:4 ,Psalm 89:1, 3 John 1:3, 2 Samuel 23:5

Lamentations 3:22-23
Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

The one true God must be preparing us for something great.....

23total said...

We are keeping you all in family prayers in the morning and evening!!!!! Knowing we serve the God of Abraham..... None of us have anything to worry about. Hardships make a family more unified as one for the Almighty God.

Lockwoods said...

Oh how the Lord has been working with us through "inconveniences" as well...and so similar to your situation~ A defective sink causing a major leak in the children's bath which so we too are down to 1 bathroom for 13 people. Our water pump isn't working right, we we've had a few days w/o water (not good for the laundry!! ). Sewage all blocked up (common occurance here) which is not at all a fun project to fix! And yes, the 100 degrees with no air.. It's been quite the week!!
It is so easy to get a complaining spirt so quickly...yet how convicted and humbled I am as I just dwell on the goodness and mercy of God! How we need to keep our minds stayed on Him and His precious Word!
I'll be praying that everything will get repaired quickly and that the Lord will give encouragement and joy through the midst of the hardships.