Friday, August 1, 2008

Josiah's Big Day !!

Josiah's Big Day

The training wheels are off, Josiah's big day
I wished I could have seen two bikes ride away!

Your brother is growing up and doing big things
He asked for his birthday a BB gun if I could bring

I know whatever I see him do
You would have been along side, not one but two

I have tears in my heart and joy at the same time
Watching your brother, with you on my mind

I'm thankful he's here, at least I can see
What you would be doing if you were here with me

Maybe you were looking down on Siah's big day
Saying, "Ride em' cowboy," Hooray!!!!!!

Miss you, Joel!!!

Well...... a big first for Josiah!!!!! Actually Jeremiah trained him in one day!!! He's growin' up!!!


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