Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School....

We are doing it!!! Of all the wonderful things of mommyhood, this is the biggest challenge for me, but today is the day!!! It really went well. Maybe its just the initial starting. We are studying for the next several weeks Matt. 5:15, Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick. For an introductory project to illustrate the concept we did a little experiment to show that many different things in our lives can put out the light of a believer's testimony. We placed a napkin that we had lit, in the jar and then placed a boiled egg on top of it, as the fire went out in the jar the egg because of lack of oxygen was then sucked into the small opening. Very amazing!! So then to get the trapped egg out as we too are trapped in the world's ways, we must receive wise counsel. We or (I) then turned the jar upside down and allowed the egg to seal the hole and I blew into the bottle covering the opening with my mouth, still holding it upside down and removing it away from my mouth, the egg popped out. They thought it was so neat so we had to do it two times. The little ones made a candlestick out of play-do and we also played a game using a dictionary. After we finished that up, Micah and Andrew did Math while I did Phonics with Jeremiah, Hosanna and Joshua. Mercy was quite the gal as she was "doin' school" too. Bethany helps Micah with his math and Anna helps Andrew. We try to finish up by noon and then move on to lunch and all the afternoon shores and responsibilities and some fun and play time. Terry has things that he will do in the evenings to make more application of the truths we are studying. It went well and I am grateful!!

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIELLE today. She is 20!!!!! I know you all remember her, Bethany's friend that stayed with us a month or so ago!!! Bethany made a kinda funny post on her blog, so check it out, sorry Danielle, just have to tell EVERYBODY!!!!!!

Just thought I would give a quick review of the first day of school!!



Danielle said...

Thanks Mrs. Morris! :) Oh my, just had to tell everyone about Besh's blog though! :D LOL She has quite the pictures on there... Oh my! :) Well thank you so much!

I'm glad your first day of school went so well. You are so creative it would have been lots of fun doing school at your house! :)

Love ya,

TigerLily's Gift said...

I am looking forward to starting home schooling our army..... It is always a joy seeing your family work. It reminds me of, Dreams,Truth,and Reality.!Psalm 23!

"what joy it brings to be in communion always and act upon it hourly, meditate upon it daily....., and continue it for eternity"

This is true first with Our Lord, Then spouse, Also as a united family :):):):):)

Anonymous said...

( : How exciting! It's fun to hear about how others "make it happen" to get ideas and pointers for how my Love and I will make it happen someday, if the Lord blesses us with children..... and we earnestly pray He will!!!!!
I'm praying for you as you do school, and as you "do" life! God bless you!!!!! : )