Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caleb and Daniel are 21 !!!!!!!

Caleb and Daniel,

Wow!!! 21!!! My first twins, my first and second born! Its just hard to believe that your not a young man anymore but a "real man" now. If I were to think of one word that would describe what it has been to have you as my sons, it would be the word "delightful." I really do not know what I would even change if I could. How well I remember that night, my water breaking and we were on our way to the hospital in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we had called Paps and grandma and they arrived at the hosp. and Paps had two different shoes on!!! After 4 hours of labor and many epidural's not working they finally knocked me out but we still were able to have a normal delivery. Your dad always has to tell the story as I did not know what was going on. Caleb was delivered at 6:09 am and Daniel delivered at 6:11 am. Your dad says that Caleb was crying as normal but Daniel was "limp" as a rag and they had to resuscitate him. He had to stay in ICU for about 24 hours and thank the Lord all was well!! From then on, it has been such a joy to be your mom and to see you both grow up together.I loved buying two of everything and still enjoy seeing you dress alike. As you both sat at the piano on Sunday and played the duet all dressed alike, I fell back in memory of your younger days and looking at what the Lord has done....in my heart I say thank you O Lord!!! I just recently was thinking back as we were pregnant with you and they did some testing while I was preg. and the test results declared that there was a problem, maybe spinal bifida. The doctor of course took us into his office and gave us the option of terminating the preg. That certainly was not an option for us and how ironic that on both sets of our twins we had to choose life for you and for our little Joel as well. So many memories, so many laughs, so many blessings you have brought. Now over these past few years to see you grow into manhood, I sometimes stand back and can not believe you are really my sons. I am so grateful first of all for your faith in the Lord and his work in your life. I enjoy how you continue to invest in your younger siblings lives and you "like" being with them. You still give me goose bumps when you play your music! And speaking of that, I think your music defines your relationship together. You both have always seemed to blend together. When writing compositions, to think that two minds have come together and yet it flows with such depth and meaning. I am too thankful for your work ethic which I know your dad has imparted to you! It is a blessing to me to see how you continue to fight the fight of faith by keeping the covenant with your eyes and seeking to bring your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. Hearing your perspectives and your wisdom on decisions has also been inspiring in my own heart. If I find myself in needed straights for prayer, both of you would be on top of my list of asking because I know your fervency and your prayers would avail much much on my behalf. I guess it just boils down to, I am so very grateful to be your mom and actually feel quite honored to be able to say "those are my sons." I look forward to what the Lord has for each of you in the days ahead, your brides, your families, your heritages of faith, your God always going before you in the trials you will face and the triumphs that will be yours through Christ, and remembering the faith of you dear father and his famous words, "He will provide." I pray the memories of home will always be cherished and savored, they are given unto us by our great God! I must go for now for I am about to cry.....I love you and I am always praying for you, my dear sons...Caleb and Daniel, Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Your mom


Emma R. said...

What a beautiful story about your boys. Happy birthday Caleb and Daniel!

Sorry I haven't posted much, Emma had surgery. I have before and after pics up on our blog.

Happy Fall and hope your school year continues to blossom into a wonderful experience for your little ones. Glad to hear all is well with one of my favorite families.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday "Kib" and "Doug"!!! :D :D
I'm SO very blessed to have the BEST brothers in the world! :) Love Ya'll tons!!

-your sister :)

Bunnifoofoo said...

I do not know you, but have read and re-read your blog. I live in Pine Bluff and just happened upon your blog on the internet. Your blog touched my heart. I go to and Apostolic/Pentecostal church here in Pine Bluff. I admire you and wish your son's a Happy Birthday!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Dan! Hope you all have a great time tonight! :)

J.Morris said...

Happy birthday to my two grandsons.
I am so proud of ya'll.You are both fine looking boys,outside and inside.Keep up the good work,God has a great plan for your lives.

A very proud and thankful grandfather.

John-Clay said...

Happy Birthday guys!!