Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Vacuum and Joel.....

Today it was not "old age" that I could not find my vehicle when I came out of the stores.....I was having a hard time looking for the rental car that I was driving. Wow!!!! I can not believe I fit everything in it, what normally fills up the floor space, the seats in our 15 passenger van, but I had stuff in every nook and cranny!! I also forgot what its like to have A/C and literally be cold in a vehicle.....very nice!!!! All went well and the Lord took care of the children here and it looks like Anna made some delicious cookies for the children. Bethany and Anna do a good job of running the home while I am away......I am grateful for their help!!!!

Great news with the vacuum, it was only $10 to get fixed, thank you Lord!!! I do not love that vacuum but I love the memories I have with it......Jan. 2,06 was clinic day for Joel and on the 3rd he would be checking in to the hospital for his 2nd round of chemo. The picture is so clear in my mind.... we got up and prepared to go to the clinic, Terry had a classical CD playing as we traveled, I remember talking to my friend Mrs. Burnett for most of the drive, then Terry dropped us off and parked and met us....they checked him out and his counts were all ready to go, when we put him in the van at home, somehow we had forgot his boots, so he did not have any shoes on, so we carried him, the nurse was asking if I thought his bumps on his head were decreasing and I kinda laughed and said I think his head is still not normal looking, the way she put it was funny, we also had the nurse get that real sticky tape off where he had the biopsy on his neck, he did not even cry when she was rubbing it, after all the talk, we left the room, Joel even got down and walked and the nurses cheered for him. They said he was ready to check in the next day which was the 3rd. We headed home, stopped and got Joel some lunch, he did not eat much, next Terry said he had a surprise, we were going to get a vacuum, we first stopped at Lowes and got Bethany a container to keep some goat stuff in, I carried Joel all through Lowes and was so proud to be his mommy, we then went right down the street and I went in the vacuum store while Terry and Joel sat out in the little van that someone had given us. We traveled on home to make preparations for the next morning going to the hospital. That evening Joel helped pack his suitcase, he was sure to put his flashlight in as he said he wanted to turn it on when it got dark! We also packed needful things and some fun stuff, play-do, books and colors. I remember giving him a bath, I wanted him to be all clean for the several day stay. Soon it was time to get to bed, little knowing that it would be his last night at his farm and he would never come back to the place he enjoyed and be with the family he loved. It was the last night to communicate with him.....the next evening we were to begin our "trial of faith," when he went in to the coma a little after midnight, it truly was our "midnight." It's not that I am holding on to the vacuum, if it breaks for good, its fine, its just the last day of adventure Terry and I had with our Joel and it brings a sharp pain!!!

Continue to pray for little Marissa, her mom said on their latest blog entry, that she could be in her last hours......what incredible feelings and pain, to wait and watch your child leave this world for another world..... may the Lord surround them with his great grace!!!!

The guys are suppose to be in tonight and stay the night and head out again in the morning to finish up hopefully by Friday evening. Elijah did have to come home around midnight last night to take the momma cow to the vet this morning so the calf might nurse, he's still alive, we are praying he'll pull through, He knows even when a sparrow falls, so he knows about our calf!!!

The Burnett's are coming in the morning, so we will have a big day with them around here, fixing some pizza's for lunch and fellowship!!

We really need to get out there and pick green beans, maybe I can motivate the crew.........

You have blessed my life!!!!


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aeedwards said...

Thank you for the post. I'm glad that you share your thoughts with us. Being a mom is the most wonderful and the hardest thing. It seems as if our girls can't get well - from ear infections, viral bronchitis - everything! It's so hard not to think the worst when they are sick and can't tell you where it hurts. I have to keep telling myself to trust God and to pray when they are sick and that he is the true healer. It's so nice to hear from other moms and from you about the joys and pains of motherhood. As you said, we're all in the same boat - keep paddling.