Friday, June 13, 2008

This and That.....

We had a wonderful visit with the Burnett's, we worked and played!! We had already picked the green beans so Mrs. Burnett helped me snap the beans and I was able to can 24 quarts! Provision!! Bethany and the B girls made the pizza for lunch and it was soooo good! Micah and their Caleb did some work outside, alot accomplished and how fun to get it done with great friends!!

Thought you might like to see what our guys have been up to.....they built the house a month or so ago out of those ICF blocks and now they are putting up the trusses and today they are to begin sheeting the roof! A very big house, about 3600 sq.feet and and an unusual shape, like a "u." A lot of hard work but we are so grateful for the jobs the Lord continues to bring. The folks that they are building the house for provided the pictures and they are filling the guys up with home cooked breakfasts, lunch and supper and ice-creme!!!! Its a blessing to meet people along the way of these jobs. Plans had to change a bit, as they still needed to work through Saturday, so we miss them but are excited for the provision!! Last night we were so bored without them here, Bethany made a quick trip to town to get us a treat of ice-creme to cheer us up.

Pray for Marissa's family, she went to live with Jesus early this can see their story at They are just starting a new journey!

I have a busy afternoon, I have to go pick up our beef, the steer we had butchered a few weeks ago, so now MORE MEAT!!!! I have to get Terry a Father's Day gift and run some other errands. As I said before, I know the girls will do a great job running the ship while I am away for the afternoon, a blessing at every age!!

In the morning, the Farmer's Market again, Bethany and Anna are planning on taking our produce since Terry will not be available. We have got to pick beans again tonight, but glad we have them to pick! Just alot of this and that stuff around here.

Oh....good news with the calf, Elijah came back this morning to pick the momma cow and him up at the vet and bring them home. The vet literally thought he was too far gone when we took him in but all things are possible with the Lord, even with a calf:)

Have a great Friday!!!!


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Emma R. said...

I am so glad the little calf made it! I was kind of worried after you said he was so far gone. I just love animals.

I am so sorry about Marissa I had been praying so hard for her, I will pray for her family.

Sounds like you guys have been busy and that it was a good visit with the Burnetts.

Bless the day the Lord has given us. Have a wonderful weekend and tell Terry Happy Father's day!