Friday, June 27, 2008

Interesting Day!!!!

These kind of days are not my favorite but we must receive them with the "smooth" ones as well!! Andrew (12) has had trouble breathing and some wheezing for about 3 days. Last night I watched him sleep until about 4:00 am because he was so overcome with fear. It made me mad that the enemy was torturing Andrew with such thoughts and making him fearful that something was terribly wrong with him. I tried to share with Andrew how we have to battle the enemy with the truth. I think through this Andrew has been made more aware of the spiritual battle that we will face. Anyway, I was able to get a appointment at 9:00 this morning and we were late because of the torrential rain. His diagnoses was upper respiratory infection/ bronchitis. In our 20 years of child sickness, this is the first one of these, so that is good and it is something to be thankful for in the midst. His saturations were 87, so he is pretty clogged up, good sats are at 98. How well that "lingo" brings back memories with Joel, all the machines monitoring this and that on his little body. I had to once again sit just about on the same chair that I held Joel in waiting for Andrew to get his lab work hurts so bad!!!!! Places and things that he went and touched is ever present and I am glad for the memories yet they make my mind visit back to a little boy that was sick and in just a month previously he was going so strong. I just have to bow to the "plans"and say "thy will be done" and thank the Lord for his wonderful life that I got to be apart of!! We did two breathing treatments at the office and was brought up to a 90. I had to rent one of those nebulizer machines and he is taking some antibiotics, so Lord willing he will start clearing out soon. If you think to, pray the Lord would use these means to work on those bronchial tubes and open them up! Ok, the next item that was not very good news is the van.....the mechanic put the engine in and it is not an engine that works!!! So now he will take that one out and seek out another one to put in. The last little news is not terrible by any means but I did have to drive two hours round trip to take Terry and the boys a tool they needed on the job. So it has been a busy day and its only early afternoon! I think I need a nap since I was up so late or early!! :0

Josiah painted Hosanna's toes......too cute!!!! And our guest Danielle reading books is great fun! The guys finished up the girls floor, it is so nice and clean now!!! Also Farmers Market tomorrow, Lord willing, lots of yummy veggies!!!



Anonymous said...

I think the floor looks beautiful. I am glad he is feeling better also. My husband is a contractor and I know what it is like to take tools, the checkbook, etc. to him many miles away because he needs it. So I laughed when I read that. Thank you for all of your posts.
I have been reading them for about 18 months and this month I ordered the Joel's Journey DVD from AFA and my whole family watched it. I know you miss Joel so very much and I also know that your family's journey it still touching so many people's lives. May the God of Peace comfort you.

Nikki said...

Cindy...I am a mother to 7, #8 due in Nov, and my fraternal twin boys are 3 1/2. I have sat and cried many times while reading through your blog and going back to your first few original posts. I am not one easily moved to tears but have found your story so close to my heart for so many reasons. I have never been in your shoes, and hope to never in a lifetime be, but I am moved by your journey. I don't know that I could do what you are doing and continue on as you have. I think of my own sweet boys in front of me and grieve for you. I thought I would let you know that I am praying, along with many others, as you make your way through this journey the Lord has so intricately laid out before you and your family. I have found it difficult somedays to make it to the end of some of your posts due to my own emotions but I continue to read to know how to pray for you. Know that I am praying for you in every way.

And I love the lifestyle you live. We are beginning homesteaders and are just now expanding our small Boar goat herd to include dairy goats and are soon to be adding a few head of cattle, en entire flock of chickens, some horses and a huge garden. We already have a useless donkey in our mix. I may be commenting for farming advice as the year marches forth!

But I am here reading and praying for both you and all of your sweet family.

onemotherslove said...

Hi! You commented on my blog asking if I was Nikki... nope, but she's a friend of mine in real life! : ) Her blog is private, so I'll forward your comment to her & I'm sure she'll come back here to get in touch with you. Not sure how you ended up at my blog, but I'm glad you stopped by - you're welcome back at any time! Blessings...

Nikki said...

Cindy.. I am Nikki and am not sure how you ended up at onemotherslove either but she is a dear friend of mine and her blog is awesome as well! My blog is set to private due to past issues with previous readers but I will gladly add you as a reader also. Please email me at Once I have your email I will add you to the approved. I would love to talk to you further.