Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Daddy.....Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

I really do not remember, but mommy says you held me first, tight against your chest, while waiting for brother "Siah," your life to bless. You loved me from the very start, not knowing the Father's plan for us to part. What fun we had on our little farm, but best of all, I loved to snuggle in your arms. You taught me many things, even though I was small, you spoke to me of Jesus love and how he hears us when we call. At night you would tuck me in my bed, pray a prayer and blessing with your hands upon my head. I liked it when you would push me high, way up in my swing, I would raise my feet and into your chest they would fling. Remember the barn work and dirt I helped you haul, sometimes I would loose your tools cause I was just so small. Thank you for taking care of me daddy, when I got sick and couldn't walk. You would lay beside my bed, read books and we'd have our little talk. You fought and prayed and sought my life to save. Remember that night, while in the coma, my little foot did wave, I know it gave you hope that all would be alright, but I was really getting ready for my next day flight. Thank you daddy for your life you would have gave, it's a picture of what the Father accomplished and the victory over the grave. I have alot I would like to say, but I'll save it to tell you all about it one day. I know you miss me much and your tears your cheeks keep wet, but don't be sad for me, cause the Father I have met. Remember back at the start, how YOU welcomed me into our home, it won't be long til I'll get to take your hand and lead you to the throne!! I love you Daddy!


What an incredible daddy....Joel, Caleb, Daniel, Bethany, Elijah, Anna, Micah, Andrew, Josh, Jeremiah, Hosanna, Josiah and Mercy have!!!!!!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful letter.