Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Evening.....

Mmmmmmmm...... Bodacious sure tasted good!!!! We fixed ribeye steaks with a side of mixed sauted' green beans, red potatoes, onions and squash, for Terry this evening. It was neat that the beef and all the veggies came off our land, and Anna made a special dessert, what a blessing to be together. This morning we were encouraged as we spent time with other believers around the scripture. Caleb and Daniel shared at one point the influence that Terry has been to them and how he has been an example to them of how they want to lead in their own families. I was very touched with their sincere words and how there heart is towards their father. It is only by the grace of the Lord that we are able to see our children walk in the truth. We also got some volley ball in too. We sure missed Joel, it is extra painful as we celebrate what Terry means on this special day and we are not all able to be together.

I hope your day was as special as ours!!


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Adina, mom to Elijah and Merry said...

So special! Happy Father's Day, Terry! One of the first things my brother told me about your family was how loving and tenderly you took care of your family. And I fought tears repeatedly as I watched you a few weeks ago interact with your children and call them "precious," among other sweet things. It made me miss my husband for my children. It blesses me to see another man raise his children with tender affection! Happy Father's Day!