Monday, May 26, 2008

A Sign...A Story????

The Curtis family gave us a rose bush after Joel went to live with the Lord. An orangy color, the color is unique in itself. Last year it didn't bloom with vigor, but this year.....I have been monitoring it as I noticed it had two buds the same size. Just this last week, one of the buds seemed to quickly come to maturity and opened up to full bloom, while the other one rested along side and seemed to humbly await its turn, I looked and meditated upon this little story that was unfolding. The story my heart received was a tender message of Joel. Two growing together, two created by the Rose of Sharon himself, yet one quickly brought the beauty and fragrance intended and purposed for, and now he is in full bloom in eternity. Soon the petals fell, the creation fulfilled its purpose and now the one along side burst forth with similar beauty, awaiting to not take away from the purposes of the first bud. As I thought about this little story, Satan was seeking to rob me of the "dew from heaven" with thoughts such as " your just trying to find a sign," but then the Lord quickly brought a scripture to my mind, Every good gift and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights.......James 1:17. I will receive this gift from the Lord as a token of his goodness comforting my heart. Thank you Curtis family for blessing us with this gift!!!

Plan A was to turn the central A/C on Saturday night to get the house cooled down for church on Sunday morning. About 20 minutes after Terry started the thing, I walked outside for something, I came back in and reported to Terry that I smelled something unusual. He went out to check it out, dashed back in for the fire extinguisher.......yep, the unit caught on fire!!! Not good!! He is going to see if it could possibly be the fan, but after 34-35 years of summer running, there is not a lot of hope, SO, Plan B now, going to Lowes and getting a window unit. I think it will be sufficient. We have window units in couple other places, we'll see. Broken things...... they use to make my world crash, but since Joel's situation, temporal things effect me a little differently. Not to say I am not capable of complaining and mumuring, but it is not as an outward demonstration as before. In our almost 22 years of marriage we have abounded way more than been abase. Broken hearts hurt far worse than broken "stuff." With prayer and supplication, our requests will be made known.......

Last night we had a pre-memorial day celebration with Jeremy, Rita and their three children. Pizza and bluebell, but we did not get the ping-pong in, next time!! Thanks for cracking us up, Jeremy!! Fixing Steak/Chicken/Beef Sausage K-Bobs for lunch and our garden red potatoes again and then later this afternoon we are heading over to friends for fun and food. Six families are gathering with a total of 46 children.....WOW!!!! thats great!!!!!

I was going to put away Mercy's highchair today, but a gulp in my throat, can't do it today. She does not sit in it very often, so I was going to make use of the extra space, we have two of them, one was put away way back, those pictures a few posts back.....Joel and Josiah's......removing items is difficult. I want to say again, writing is therapy, it allows the hurts to come out, I am able to write what I feel rather than sit down and say all this to someone face to face. Terry even said, "I have to read the blog to find out how your doing sometimes," so for those that seem to have expectations of me getting back to the way I used to be, quit expecting that, I am not the same and I never will be, but rather God can and will do a new work with the new me. Keep praying if you do not know what else to do.

Busy week ahead, steer going to the slaughter house on Wed. evening, grocery week, and Lord willing we are butchering chickens on Friday and Saturday. You still can let us know if you want some by e-mailing us.

Hi, Burnett family......they are traveling to Mexico with their dad/husband for his work, and vacation fun too!!!

May the Lord give a blessed time with our families and as we remember those that were faithful before us, but mostly may the Cross and the empty tomb be a precious memorial to our hearts!!!

I am remembering you too today, Joel!!!!



Emma R. said...

What a beautiful story, and how you can relate the lives of your little twins to those beautiful roses, it was very touching.

Sorry about your air conditioning, I am glad the fire was put out without too much damage to anything else it sounds like. That had to be scary. I will pray that the window unit is enough and that we have a cool summer. Although it being Oklahoma I doubt that will happen!


Debbie said...

You are such a good writer. I visited your site one other time. You mentioned in your blog about never being the same since you lost you son. I truly can understand as I lost a son when he was 9. The Lord gave him to me for 2 yrs. after we knew that ultimately he would be dying. I am so thankful for that time, but things change. This year he would have been graduating from high school. He will forever be in my heart and thought of especially during all those things that mark the special points of growing up. Continue to look to the Lord for all He does. He is a great God.

Jules said...

Found your site through a magazine artical that I was reading yesterday. I think it was the AFA magazine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They have been very uplifting. Will say a prayer for you today.

Adina, mom to Elijah and Merry said...

Can I post your blog on my blog site? I love the encouragement you share, and it is a joy to watch your family's happenings. I melt when I see pictures of Mercy, wondering if God will give me one too before long :-) We should know later in the summer. Jeremy was very encouraged by your blog all the way from Iraq. What a special story about the roses! I wish we were there to see the whole chicken process. . . sounds like a busy week! You all are already a very precious family to us, and I pray that someday you will get a chance to meet Jeremy and we can visit again.

About the AC: I SO relate to what you say about heartbreak and "thingbreak" it is SO SO true! Once one has suffered an intense grief, nothing else seems to compare, and the little griefs are crippled in their power over us! YES! This is the perseverance, hope and character we are told about in scripture! Romans 5:3-5 Praise the LORD, His work in your life is producing HIS promised result (hope and character)!

Anonymous said...

Adina, Mom to Elijah and Merry (I logged in incorrectly for the post above.) This is the correct login!